It is a dramatic capitulation for a party in opposition that grew out of the activities of the trade union movement. Hopes for that encounter had been high following the confidence vote held by Tory MPs over Johnsons leadership, a move that left the prime minister deeply wounded with 148 voting against him. In March, Boris Johnson's net approval rating rose to +3, meaning that the PM now has a better net approval rating than Keir Starmer for the first time since April 2020. Different polling companies report widely differing figures on this question, but even Savanta ComRes, long the least favourable to Starmer, now has him two points ahead of Johnson when people are asked: Which of the following do you think would make the best prime minister? Starmer on 33 per cent and Johnson on 31 per cent are both eclipsed by dont know on 36 per cent, but politics is a game of relative advantage. Keir Starmers wait-it-out approach may finally be beginning to pay dividends, two and a half years after he was elected Labour leader. Sunak also gets to choose the election date. Alli, reportedly worth upward of 100 million, is plugged into to Londons arts, media and business sets. At various dates in the run up to the next United Kingdom general election, various organisations have carried out opinion polling to gauge the opinions that voters hold towards political leaders. about 1 month ago . Andrew Fisher, Corbyns former director of policy, said Starmers preference for private donations may backfire. Starmer has differentiated Labour simply by eschewing the more indefensible forms of predatory capitalism the current Conservative leadership embraces. Like the Tories, Starmer sees the economy in terms of a battle between the incompatible demands of employers - the state and big business - on one side, and workers on the other. Labours leads range from a yawning 31-point gap in our GB poll on the NHS (that lead representing a one-point gain from late January) to a relatively narrow four-point lead over the Conservatives in the Blue Wall as the party most trusted to manage the economy (32% to 28%, down from a 35% to 25% lead in our last Blue Wall Poll of January). Angela Rayner, the Labour deputy leader, also suggested that Starmer looks too much like a lawyer in public appearances and should put some more welly into his speeches. One member of Labours National Executive Committee (NEC), the partys ruling body, said Alli is a high net worth individual himself which will make quite a difference when he needs to tap people up to say Im giving money, you need to as well.'. A survey of party members in March this year found that Tony Blair was just as popular with them as Jeremy Corbyn. But Levys comeback is not free of controversy. First, it has suggested that Sunak is capable of rebuilding at least some of the reputation for Conservative competence. Starmers Labour increasingly looks like a pale replica of the modern Conservative Party, which publicly extols the virtues of unfettered markets while privately skewing the economic battle-space in big businesss favour - a covert socialism, but for the rich only. Does Keir Starmer look like a Prime Minister in waiting? Labour holds a 10-point lead over the Conservatives as Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak attack each other in public but Sir Keir Starmers personal ratings have gone backwards. "The Labour leader has taken a significant fall across all metrics in the last two weeks, particularly being a strong leader, looking like a prime minister in waiting, and being able to get things done. but more one-sided than a North Korean election held at gunpoint. He was at the center of a police investigation into the so-called cash for honors scandal in 2006, which saw claims that seats in the House of Lords were being offered in exchange for large unregistered loans to the Labour Party. LONDON Keir Starmer wants big business to mold Labours election plans and get its fingerprints on his policy agenda. Another shadow cabinet minister agreed. . Nobody wants to see industrial action that is disruptive.. But dont underestimate this prime minister, either. The opinion polls have turned in the Labour leader's favour - vindicating his 'strategic patience'. More than six in ten (61%) of Rishi Sunaks voters support the measure, as do 57% of Labour voters, suggesting this policy will land well in the country as a whole. The polls may be indicating a huge win for Labour at the next general election, but here's a reason Keir Starmer shouldn't be celebrating yet: Almost two in three voters want a new political party to take on the Conservatives and Labour, a shock new study of trust in politics has found. . The 10-point gap has been roughly stable since June, with the resignation of Boris Johnson and the leadership election having no significant impact on the polls. Not only is Labour considered a strong favorite to win the next election, but the moderate Labour right faction is now in firm control of the party an unthinkable position just a few years ago when the Corbynite left looked unassailable. Nicola Sturgeons departure has disarmed the Scottish separatist threat for a while.. He also had the shameless Johnson and the Faragiste Tory press bursting to make trouble. The head of the opposition has resolutely avoided offering any kind of vision for Britain, fearful it might be construed as vaguely socialist, and has even been averse to robustly challenging the ruling Tory party. Our one rule for them framing is paying off, said the source, with Johnson proving it to be true time and again. Keir Starmer, the leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party, has picked senior civil servant Sue Gray as his new chief of staff, Sky News reported on Thursday, as the party prepares for a national election next year. Johnsons poor approval ratings have improved slightly at -27, compared with -30 two weeks ago. Blairs most important fundraiser during his premiership Michael Levy once referred to as Lord Cashpoint also has a role in tapping up wealthy donors. When Starmer was running for leader, many of his supporters expressed how important it was that he looked like a prime-minister-in . But a third of those 2019 Labour voters now want Sir Keir to resign as party leader after mixed results in last week's elections - including a previously unthinkable by-election defeat in the traditionally safe seat of Hartlepool. It also reveals that Starmers party holds a narrow two-point lead, compared with a three-point lead in the last poll a fortnight ago. The DUP was not allowed to hijack the launch and mobilise the European Research Group. Some of the more detailed polling questions, which have given Johnson the benefit of the doubt all year, have also turned. Some 55% of people polled said they were dissatisfied with the Prime Minister, compared to 49% in December. Its leader, Sharon Graham, has said of union funding for Labour: Im not sure were getting the best value for it.. Although his approval rating in the Blue Wall fell two points in February to now stand at +6%, his rating in both the Red Wall (+14%) and GB (+13%) are up by six and four points respectively. Left-wing party members who joined during Corbyns tenure have been fleeing in droves, depriving Labour of desperately needed income to fight the next general election. Such criteria would presumably be based on an assessment of public opinion in Scotland over a sustained period: a consistent, long-running lead for independence in opinion polls, say, or in election results (measured, as the SNP have recently suggested, in terms of a vote share of over 50 per cent for independence-supporting parties). How Sir Keir Starmer's Labour would run a government From 'wealth' taxes to net zero, this is how the would-be PM may act should his party's huge opinion poll lead see them through an election That amounts to a 10% swing to Labour since the election. Gray, currently in a top job in the Cabinet Office, was tasked with investigating multiple reports of lockdown rule . The polling companies listed are members of the British Polling Council (BPC) and abide by its disclosure rules. R&WS Research Team. These polls asked the opinions of British voters, not specifically Scottish voters. Of course, the Conservative Party will take evasive action, up to and including changing leader, before the next election, but we can now see that Labours doom and gloom about Starmers anti-charisma and Johnsons Teflon qualities were overdone. Rishi Sunak is shaping up to be a prime minister Keir Starmer should be wary of,Sunak's handling of the NI protocol suggests a leader - and a Tory party - with more left in the tank than some think, says Guardian columnist Martin Kettle Truss is hampered by being deeply uncharismatic - possibly even more so than Starmer, and in stark contrast to her immediate predecessor, Boris Johnson. Much as I detest Starmer and the current Labour Party he will likely win back the ugly racist Brexit gammons who voted Tory or Farage last election, he won't loose safe seats like mine, and he won't care if a few of the more comfortable and liberal Tory seats flip Lib Dem. Public Sector. The remainder say they neither support nor oppose or they do now know). If you had said the morning after the 2019 election Labour could be back in one term, people would have laughed at you. Instead, unlike Liz Truss, he prioritised the things where he could begin to shift the dial and build some political capital. The non-Corbynite majority of Labour MPs didnt have an alternative candidate either; hence their mood of gloom and fatalism. Keir Starmer was rewarded for his "strategic patience", according to an ally, when . , Bloomberg. While Starmer is seen as more austere, he has embraced the former PMs party financing strategy. It is something Blair spoke about a lot, not having the first idea what he was doing when he got through the door. Johnson was comprehensively outmanoeuvred. Instead, she has frozen record high fuel bills, but it is taxpayers, not business, who will face the burden of repaying the 150bn ($170bn) costs further down the road. When Sir Keir Starmer turned Labour chief in 2020, few ever believed he would develop into prime minister. Rishi Sunak branded Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer 'Mr 2nd Referendum' as he told the 1922 Committee of backbench Tories that the public are sick of Brexit 'drama'. More broadly, this will be central to boosting the nations productivity going forward. "However, at least then Labour could console itself that their leader was new and making a positive impression. A senior Labour source said: We know what needs to be done between now and the next election and are ticking everything off on the list. To find out more information about this research, As Sunak Heralds Protocol Deal, Majority of British Voters Remain Indifferent to Northern Ireland, Plurality of Britons Support Teachers Going on Strike, Latest Blue Wall Voting Intention (26 February 2023), Latest GB Voting Intention (26 February 2023), Britons and Americans Have Similar Views on Recent Chinese Spy Balloon Controversy, Britons Support Governments Ukraine Policy, But More Urgency on Domestic Challenges Needed, the announcement of a deal with the European Union, Sunak and Starmer Monthly Polling Report Card (February 2023), Joe Biden Administration Approval Ratings and Hypothetical Voting Intention (19 February 2023), Latest Red Wall Voting Intention (19 February 2023), Latest GB Voting Intention (18 February 2023), Peter Obi Leads Decisively in Nigeria Polling, Latest Blue Wall Voting Intention (11-12 February 2023). A YouGov poll carried out this week showed 45% of the public were against the RMT strike, with 37% in favour. If you do not have an account you can register here. He is very much, here is the problem and this is the solution. Latest news, analysis and comment on migration in Europe and beyond. Sir Keir Starmer - Labour Party Leader. Only England and Wales jurisdiction apply in all legal matters. His party trails Labour by more than 20 points in the polls. Its serious people making a serious contribution to leveling the playing field with the Conservatives, they said. Starmer and Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves have met hundreds of executives over the past year in what has been called the salmon and scrambled eggs offensive a riff on Blair and his own Chancellor Gordon Browns so-called prawn cocktail offensive of the 1990s. Gray, who has decades of government experience, came into the national spotlight last year for her damning investigation into the partygate scandal, a series of law-breaking . Recent polls also suggest the party has a clear double-digit lead in the 23 June byelection in Wakefield, the type of seat it will need to win back if it hopes to win a majority or form the government at the next election. How the PM could block sleaze watchdog's advice on Gray hire and if Labour will ignore him, Opinion | Boris Johnsons 'jobs for Tory cronies' legacy is still alive and kicking, Tory MPs furious at Starmer hiring Sue Gray as Rees-Mogg calls her report 'left-wing stitch-up', publics view of the the Labour leader himself appears to be becoming more negative, Keir Starmer will have been hoping for a polling bounce following his big announcement on freezing energy bills, 'How bad are the pics? Even in the lowest months of the summer, there was no serious talk of a leadership challenge. Polls indicate the Tories still lag behind Labour in national opinion . The latest news, data and analysis on the worlds pandemic response. The following polls asked about voters' opinions on Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay, co-leaders of the Green Party of England and Wales since October 2021. These could include a comparison of leading politicians within the same party (to gauge support for future leadership contests), or compare the current leader of one party to an alternative leader of a second. Amid all that, Sunak didnt cower in the bunker. But he has gone further, accepting neoliberal orthodoxy that concessions to workers hinder business and damage economic activity. Energy prices have begun to ease. His party trails Labour by, Sunak has had luck along the way. Only 17% say a Conservative government with Rishi Sunak as prime minister. The prominent involvement of Labour MP Zarah Sultana, a Corbyn supporter, suggests the depth of frustration in growing sections of the party at the direction Starmer has taken. The man who would be Prime Minister addressed St. Columb's politics students and students from the . Levys return to the fold has also provided a big boost to Labours fundraising clout. Commenting, Prof. Matt Goodwin added: Amid a mass exodus from the Labour market, and millions of people now taking out-of-work benefits in various forms, this polling clearly points to public support for helping people who are on benefits back into the workplace.

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