City: Los Angeles, CA. She has gorgeous coloring and will be thrilled to be your loyal companion and protector. When we say come or here we expect 100% response right away. She is INTENSE when "turned on" and a bullet when sent to attack. We are also so glad that we come to Los Angeles, California often so you can see him. The adolescent stage can find your sweet pup becoming a monster. Waiting Lists:There is no waiting list with us. Gordon Von Prufen. We do take time to make sure the dog is compatible with the handler but we dont waste time in this area. Cole is a Giant Schnauzer, weighs about 65 lbs., and is just nine-months-old. K-9 Behavior Services sells service dogs in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura County. Created for free using WordPress and. Being clear and consistent is key. Amir is large 16 month old black sable male with a large head, substantial build, and at 2 years old weighs in at 95 lbs. You will be fully prepared to transition home with your new companion with our GO HOME protocols. Each and every interaction with the new pup is a teaching occasion and what we call an early investment in the life of this puppy. Foxx is a young Belgian Malinois (one year old), extremely friendly, raised with children and exceptional in protection. She has excelled in every facet of her protection and obedience work and has become an incredibly fierce protector. Feel free to call me and ask any questions you might have regarding service dogs and service dog training. We do take on clients that want their dog trained to be a legit service dog. To order dog food from Life's Abundance dog food: Call 877-387-4564 and give them my order # 20044378. At the same time he's everything every German Shepherd enthusiasts who loves sables wants, but seldom finds. He is trained in threat detection and active protection work. Yorkshire Terrier Female C.K.C. Buying a trained Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cavachon or Cavapoo puppy from Recherche Cavs means you'll get a dog with a strong lineage and bloodline, backed by generations of health clearances. We matched Tiko up with a very sweet young dog who was named Edison. Iris is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, female Malinois we have ever seen. $85,000. During the first few weeks we are teaching your new puppy boundaries, trust and focus. To meet this dog please fill out an They can be trained to perform many of the same skills as dogs. Because in this moment the handler is in need of a Service Dog that will truly be ready, willing, and able to perform. Good manners, great social skills and a healthy relationship with his or her family are vital. Dax is a 2 year old solid black German Shepherd, good with other males, powerful in protection and naturally protective of home and property. Your pup will come to us and stay with us for 1, 2, or 3 months. The dogs:All of our dogs are from shelters or rescue situations. Certainly there are things to take into account including where you live, your schedule, are raising a little family, you you may love to go on vacation or youve recently retired. Standard Poodle who is smart, fast, and very strong. We are raising a puppy that isnt reliant on continuous commands that control what he or she should and should not do. los angeles. Your dog:We are open to training your dog, however, we will have to discuss many points before taking on the task. Indy has a very friendly personality, loves everyone he meets and very high drive in protection. That is why we specialize in dogs trained for civilian defense over military, police, or sports training. We ONLY deliver the highest quality of dogs for elite clients. DM Free German Shepherds. We dont limit ourselves to rigid rules. Skip to content. $ 1,000 Yorkies CKC 16 days ago in Los Angeles, CA SELLING YORKIES CKC DOGS FOR $2,500 -2 months -Tail docked & Ears up -All shots and were checked. Las Vegas Location. Beauty has been expertly trained and has joined her forever home. Training starts the instant a new puppy is in our hands in Los Angeles, California. After training thousands of dogs, and double that number of humans, I can tell you that finding the PERFECT MATCH is one of the most important elements in helping dogs and humans live a great life together. She has been raised and trained for both dog sports and search & rescue. About Us. His background and ability is just as unique as Paxo's size and good looks. We get to know our clients so we can help you find the perfect personal protection dog. Enter the teenage years adolescence. DobermaN PUppiES available 3 month old. But he is also mellow and sweet. And we see a lot of beautiful dogs! Most of our dogs are Labrador Retrievers or Golden Retrievers. Please call us for more information. We wanted to help Richen get a service dog. I am very fortunate to have met Tiko and his parents, and to have them as a story in my life and my career. Transition:The transition of placing the Service Dog with the new owner can be a little tricky. Wayne takes the most pride in providing "huggable security" in the form . We dont limit ourselves to rigid rules. We are so glad that we found you in Los Angeles, California. 1 Male. Although, from time to time we will use a mixed breed, if the dog shows a high level of aptitude. Great with kids and other dogs. 52,500.00. You have your heart set on a specific breed or maybe youre interested in one of our dogs that are currently in our puppy raising program. With thousands of hours of training completed and his raw, natural protective spirit, Ike is a tenacious and determined Belgian Malinois protection dog. The goal is to have a solid foundation by about 4 to 6 months. You are getting more than protection from a protection dog. Jet has thousands of hours of protection work under his belt and is perfectly trained to defend you and keep you safe. Although we can train dogs to do many amazing things, such as open and close doors, turn lights on and off, and trigger emergency devices, there are also things that happen organically that we have no control over. More details. Ready to be your new #protector and defender. We consider each situation as a picture. Through all of this, we thoroughly observe the puppy. Registration Vet Checked and Weighed 2 lb 1 oz at 8 Weeks Expected Adult Weight 6 lbs Immunization Shots Up To Date Deworming Up To Date Potty Trained on Potty Pads Care and Training Provided 24/7 1 Year Health Guarantee Please Text or Call for an . Search our free classified ads for Los Angeles for dogs, puppies for sale, and other pets. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Beautiful, well-mannered, and powerful perfectly describes Zeus, our 15-month-old, fully-trained Protection and Companion dog. Each of our dogs has been hand picked for temperament and trainability, ensuring that you are getting the best protection dog available. Our main priority is to have a well-balanced puppy, who will fit into your home. He is a very sweet dog and healthy .. Cavapoo, California Los Angeles. 8 days ago in Anaheim, CA . In some cases, we will have a trained service dog ready for placement. Sold to Bernd B. in Los Angeles CA. Indy is the son of a two time world competitor. It is important to build their confidence. We coordinate with responsible breeders who are genuinely interested in improving their breed with good health and exceptional temperament of their puppies. Learn more here. 35,000.00. Our PERFECT MATCH program works because of the immersion of tried and true strategies that help you and your dog learn how to live together in a safe, sane and civilized way!!! Puppy Training: Essential Skills Every . More details. Learn about the Rights of Individuals with Service Dogs What is a seizure dog? Our trained Vizsla dogs are crate trained and sleep through the night without any accidents. Our protection dogs are trained to do one thing, keep their owners safe from all threats. Typically we utilize particular locations or objects to create an encounter for the pup. Once fully trained, the dogs continue daily sessions with our trainers in obedience, protection, bite work to maintain their skills. 2022 Canine Protection International. We have seen many people that have received service dogs from us start to have very unique and special relationships with their service dogs, that it warms our hearts to be a part of it. than you ever thought possible! There is no restriction as to what we will incorporate into our methods. Service Dog School of America has the #1 Health Guarantee in the industry. They are up-to-date on shots, microchipped, and come with the same lifetime genetic guarantee as all of our pups! Crucial time for learning AVAILABLE TRAINED PERSONAL & FAMILY PROTECTION DOGS FOR SALE ALL OF OUR DOGS ARE VET CHECKED, PEDIGREE, VACCINATED, AND HAVE A PASSPORT. She was born at the end of 2019 and has had a wonderful life with a family. Kosta is a MASSIVE Belgian Malinois who is bigger than most German Shepherds. 9 weeks old. We are a working sheep farm located in Gaffney, South Carolina! Once we choose the puppy from the litter, the first thing we would like to achieve is building confidence and a bond with this new puppy. They understand when one of their puppies grows through our program, it ensures the puppy will end up having a terrific life. We have AKC Registered German Shepherd Puppies for Sale and Dogs for Sale. So a treasure. He has had the best high obedience and protection training and has excelled in both areas! for sale. Interested in owning a protection dog? Training dogs for children and young adults with Autism has been a specialty of ours for many years. The quality and quantity of what they encounter will have a significant influence on their future personalities and decide many of their good or bad behavior tendencies. He's trained protection dogs for celebrities, consulted with governments and the U.S. military, and placed in and won major international awards. Your Trained Dog will have the following skills: It is critical that each new owner has the necessary training to transition and continue on with a balanced life with their new pooch. Find Xoloitzcuintli Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Xoloitzcuintli information. You will notice in one of our videos the dog I am handling will retrieve the Quad Cane many times in repetition. Pups with strong lineage & excellent health. Browse family dogs, house-trained dogs, family protection dogs & more online now. You become part of the Alys Puppy Boot Camp family and will receive emails with our Daily Homework and watch videos along with access to the exclusive Alys Puppy Boot Camp Facebook community. Proofing Behavior in a Social World in Los Angeles, CA You and your dog will learn more in one week (or longer!) The average cost for all Pomeranians sold . She has a sweet personality and is ready to be your #1 protector and companion. The Protection Dogs are trained in real life settings, preparing them for real life situations.

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