Page 6 - The Chill Concept - Wellness - Innovation - Contemporary Culture
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TCC LITTLE BLACK BOOK            page 06

V.I.P COLLECTION                 Leaders in philanthropy social
• V-ery                          change NEVER STOP EVOLVING.
• I-mportant                     Managing change, one day at a
• P-roject                       time.


Our projects and Creative        How to lead a more engaged
Spaces are used as platforms     community?
for community interaction and
engagement. Where community is:  =

COMMUNITY = 2 OR MORE            Collaboration and creative thinking
IN COMMON TO COMMUNICATE         Leaders trying to transform
                                 communities culture can learn
C = a+b >2                       from unexpected sources.


PURPOSE                          Community without hierarchy is a
                                 catalyst for chance


Community                        Changes in practices may
                                 represent breakthroughs. The goal
+                                is process, evolution no perfection.
                                 Nothing happens without a
Well being                       readiness to change


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