I guess when you walk into a grocery store and see one item in 50 different forms, you expect it to be pretty out of this world. Should be called sugar-tart, really but then where is the fun in that! Because of this, were diving deeper to find out what foods Americans eat that Australians dont. Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're on the go. Their snack game puts ours to shame. The treat has been around since the early 1900s, and is usually a staple of childrens birthday parties. I sometimes forget that geographically Australia is very close to Asia so there is a lot of Asian food. There are chocolate, double chocolate, caramel and about a hundred other flavors. Thanks to Australias wine country, drinking wine becomes the affordable norm. It doesnt quite taste like real coffee and I am still convinced you have to drink four cups of it to get the same effect as one cup of drip coffee. Fantales are another candy we are dying to add to our sweet tooth repertoire. The corn-based snack really does taste like a cheeseburger. , most Australians think eating peanut butter and jelly is as gross as eating bologna and glue. Ive had a lot of beets in America. There are certain foods that we Americans just gravitate towards like juicy burgers, crispy fries, and stacked ice cream cones. I can honestly say I am not a fan of this legendary Australian spread. The upside, however, is that each candy is wrapped in an embarrassing moment to help remember why youll always need the sweet snack. Dip these mystery sticks into some mustard and ketchup enjoy what is the infamous corn-dog. "PB&J is peanut butter and JAM, not jelly. For Aussies, it should be "peanut butter and jam." "PB&J is peanut butter and JAM, not jelly. Safe to say I loaded up on the fish, rice and seaweed goodness before returning a country of overpriced sushi. Aioli does not go with everything Australia. My question isat that point, are you even eating Vegemite or just butter? Grits, Starbucks does serve a Flat White that experts say is rather good, bacon in Australia includes pork belly with a lean cut of pig loin thats. Not every cut can be filet mignon. (Dont worry we wont tell.) Regardless, everyone around me loved it. 5. "It has an unnatural consistency. Although I would never go for it in America, sushi in train stations or street stands is pretty much the norm in Australia. This one cracks me upbecause it still manages to find its way into every youre from Australia?! Bacon in America is technically made from pork belly, while bacon in Australia includes pork belly with a lean cut of pig loin thats not cooked until crispy. As an added bonus, they come in the fun shape of the classic Australian animal, a koala. Instead of going for that Aussie meat pie or sausage roll at 3 am, this is where it is at. Yes, they are mostly pure crap, of course, but hey it is America! Carne Asada. Due to a complicated mess of taxes put on liquor in Australia, you can expect to pay an arm and a leg for the same fifth of vodka you could get in The States for $9.99. Thank you to the stoner Santa Claus that invited this morning pleasure. Beet chips are even a norm, whereas we can usually only find them at trendy health-food stores. When I was first introduced to them I immediately went on to Amazon to have them shipped over, but the price was not as appealing as the snack itself. Australian cut bacon just does not cut it, I am sorry, but its fact. After moving back home to America from Aussieland I could not wait to stuff my face with a huge variety of American food that Australia was missing. So fabulous, you totally forget about the bathroom problems it will cause you right after you eat it. Zap it in the microwave, saut some vegetables and meat on the side, add some chives and there you have it: a pretty dope ass meal, cooked in under 10 minutes. You can literally eat them whenever, but the most highly recommended is dipped in your afternoon tea or coffee. Just dont touch anything!!! Luckily, thats where the Chicken and Cheese comes in. A photo posted by Ara (@aradelatorre) on Sep 5, 2016 at 5:27am PDT. Though the chain definitely channels Australia, many Australians said that they aren't fans. and the apocarotenal that gives it a yellow-orange pigment. Beware of the Costco size cartoon that has enough to fill up the whole Pacific Ocean and your gut for years. They have all the savory cheese flavor of U.S. versions but come in a fun ring shape so playing with your food is even easier. But whats normal to those in the US, might be strange to other people around the world. But whats normal to those in the US, might be strange to other people around the world. When you are a broke college student like the rest of us, you drink boxed winemore affectionately known as goon. If youre in luck, you can find some quality goon starting around $AU7, which is about $5.20. I love Hersheys chocolate when Im baking, especially when Im trying the fun recipes on the back of their packaging. Eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in America is different than eating one in Australia for one very important reason: jelly versus jam. The snack is one of the countrys most popular treats, and it comes in a variety of flavors including chewy caramel, peanut butter, and mint. Mixed opinions or not, if you want a condiment, it's not going to be in Australia. Ranch, mayo, normal ketchup (not that stuff that tastes like old barbecue sauce)none of it really exists in Australia. Why we love it: Few things come closer to heavenly perfection than peanut butter. His excuse is that it takes him hours to build it all.. he doesnt have time or energy to pick it all 5 year old are fun #kids #momlife #momsofinstagram #dadlife #parenting #parentingtips #parenthood_moments #cleaningmotivation #playrooms #momhumor #dadhumour #dadhumor, moving back home to America from Aussieland. Jack from Queensland told INSIDER. Most Australians dont really understand what grits are. Another American food Australia is missing is the most addicting type of fish you will ever eat. Once toasted, these guys hit that sugary spot because well.. it is practically all sugar!! Sure, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all delicious, but there is something magical about eating for pure and mindless joy. It is impossible NOT to turn into the red finger bandit after demolishing a bag. Yes! The snack became popular with its original flavors, barbecue, chicken crimpy, cheddar, cheese and bacon, savory, and pizza. YESSS! Not to mention that when you ask what it is, the most straight forward answer youll receive is yeast byproduct, which, Im sorry, just does not sound appetizing. Or, who are we kidding, have a bit of both. The bars provide a perfect level of crunch that makes a candy bar so much more mouth-watering. Pods are crispy wafers filled with famous Mars candies like Snickers and Twix bars. Probably more than most people because my parents have a weird obsession with them. Its also more expensive than their local cafes. You tryna be tricky? To say we are counting down the minutes until these make it over to our shelves would be an understatement. I know McDonalds is different in every country, but what I didnt know is that a McChicken at Maccaswhat Aussies nicknamed our beloved Mickey Dsis $AU5. Its hard not to be overwhelmed when confronted with the stuff at the grocery store. This Mexican (cough) American meat Australia definitely needs! How does one survive without the deliciousness of a smore in AU?! Minty, refreshing, and a label you can read. It is perfect for Taco Tuesday or Just Because Friday. But hey, they are full of nitrates that improve blood pressure and brain activity, so just embrace your temporarily purple tongue and eat beets as the Australians do. They have been around since World War I because they travel and store well on naval ships and military bases. However, I have to defend Vegemite here, because Americans have this crazy perception that all Australians are just eating it in globs off of a spoon, and maybe some hardos are, but in reality, its eaten in small quantities mixed with butter. "From what I imagine in my head, it would taste bland and gross. Our bacon just happens to naturally come with all that juicy bacon grease that is a leading cause of house fires. But American supermarkets have Australian beer. Thats alarming," replied Jack when we asked his thoughts on Twinkies. Why its weird: This is a bit of a cheat, because instant ramen noodles were created by Momofuku Ando for a Japanese food company called Nissin Foods. Why its weird: This one I found pretty interesting because fluffisnt really an American thing, so much as it is a New England thing. According to the companys site, 53 million packets are sold a year in Australia. Theyre simple, mess-free, and (as with most of these items) can go with anything and still be awesome. According to Australians, PB&J is supposed to be peanut butter and jam. The cookie is made with chocolate biscuits, pure mint filling, and coated in dark chocolate. But, in terms of enjoying quality chocolate, sometimes you just need a luxuriously silky Lindt chocolate truffle to love you instead of the powdery fake stuff. Either way, Paula Dean would be proud. Dried apricot, peach filling, and milk chocolate come together to make FruChocs. It's worth noting that every person has their personal food preferences, but these are just some of the most popular opinions I came across. They are essentially the Oreos of Australiabut better. For Aussies, it should be "peanut butter and jam.". Cans? hatever snack you fancy, its safe to say the U.S. has no shortage of options. Its sugary and buttery, and really easy to make. Their value chicken sandwich is a Chicken and Cheese, which is basically a McChicken with a slice of cheese. Nonetheless, they are still hot on the American market, and almost every dorm I visit has a pile of them teetering behind some locked cabinet. Perfect, then these pizza treats are for you. That email doesn't look right. as well as other partner offers and accept our, Its hard to deny that Americans love their deep fried food, large portion sizes, and fast-food chains. OMG bacon! By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier. While were on the topic of cheese Australians (along with some Americans) refer to pre-packaged cheese slices as "plastic cheese." Well, so are their snacks. You can even find it on many kids menus in popular restaurants, it is so universally loved. Why we love it: WHAT?!? Jam is what you put on your toast/sandwich," Grace from Queensland explained to INSIDER. We love our flaming hot in America, and adding this red messy powder to Cheetos just doesnt get any better. They have been around since the mid-1900s and were originally used to get rid of excess fruit in the region. In the same fashion, there are foods that my Australian roommate introduced me to which definitely made me scratch my head at first. Quit looking for Burnett's and Goldfish and head straight for the goon and Shapes. Why its weird: Despite the fond memories, this one I have to agree with. Austalia is missing this American food and needs it ASAP! The brand prides itself in having a wide range of flavors that include everything from Nacho Cheese to Margherita Pizza. My roommate spent a good two weeks in Australia asking everyone where she could find bottomless drip coffeeturns out it doesnt exist there. We suggest two parts butter, to one part vegemite. Australia needs this food ASAP! For the most part, these foods tend to be popular worldwide, and theyre staples that even the most jaded of travelers can enjoy when they visit the States. For all of you that get a McChicken with cheese, Australia would quite literally be heaven for you. AKA breaded covered wieners straight from heaven! They essentially taste like flavor-blasted goldfish but instead are shaped like hexagonal Cheez-Its. Although this might be more of a pride thing for Australians a simple Flat White will do (though we should note that, Bacon in America is technically made from pork belly, while, "Literally no food on their menu would remind an Australian of home. I felt obligated to include this one as Tim Tams are only the most talked about Australian cookies in existence. Why we love it: Ramen is the perfect meal for a broke college student. The gummy candy comes in a rainbow of fruit flavors and is just as chewy as its U.S. counterpart, only much, much bigger. Dont hate, guys. Add a side of rice and beans and Ole! Photo courtesy of frankieLeon on flickr.com. This snack is taking American candy to the next level, and we couldnt be more jealous. So when Starbucks tried to expand within the continent, mutiple reports saidit fell flat. Unfortunately, they can rip your fillings out if you down an entire bag. No, that is not slang for something else, but instead a buttery biscuit and juicy sausage that makes your day seem like it is going to be totally fabulous. Some go for sweet and grab that secret sleeve of cookies hidden in the back of the cupboard. So when Starbucks tried to expand within the continent, mutiple reports said, "Australia is a land of coffee culture, so much that when your flagship Americanism that is Starbucks came to the end of the world, it failed miserably," explained Hai Ling W Pole on, , Starbucks doesnt fit Australians' tastes because the company serves sweeter coffee options than Australians prefer. I especially love pairing them with hummus full of protein and flavor, it can be taken to the lib in a little baggie for that all-nighter. We found foods there that leave us with some serious cravings. Disclaimer: I never actually tried it, I only smelled it but that was more than enough to make me gag. Everyone has heard horror stories of gas station sushi, so I am always hesitant to eat sushi from unfamiliar places in the U.S. For more great stories, head to INSIDERs homepage. Iced Vovos are biscuits topped with pink icing, raspberry jam, and then sprinkled with coconut. "I had an American friend make a weird dish with sweet potatoes and marshmallows. Why its weird: Fairy bread is that snack that is made of totally normal and not shocking ingredients, but once you put them all together it sounds kind of questionable. I'm an American wholived in Australia for several months, so to learn more, I asked my Australian friends and dug through some Quora threads to find out what foods Americans eat that Australians would never touch. "Literally no food on their menu would remind an Australian of home. Macca's Chicken and Cheese. If you are a broke student or a drunk mess, Tina Burritos are always perfect to grab from your freezer. Though sometimes they also include ingredients like cheese, onions, or mushrooms as well. Yeah, there are other flavors of Shapes, but none of them as popular and delightful as Pizza Shapes. "I hear that Twinkies can survive a nuclear war. Whether you like it crunchy or perfectly smooth, peanut butter is both sweet and salty, easy to pack, and high in protein. The sweet treat is made of squares of sponge cake filled with strawberry jam or cream, then coated in a thin layer of chocolate and coconut. Instant coffee is, to put it lightly, the Natty of coffees. According to the locals, not only does the savory flavor grow on you, the trick is to use the right proportions. So when that is the case, A1 is a life saver making any type of steak you overcook taste like a million bucks! #momlife #momhumor #dadlife #dadhumor #parenthood #parenthumor #parentingmemes #momreels #5yearsold #kids #mommy #dinnertonight #dinnertime #parentproblems #boymomlife #boymom, Young love, innocence and learning body parts hah #momlife #momhumor #dadhumor #dadlife #parenting #parentingtips #parentingmemes #momvibes #momreels #parentlife #kidsofinstagram #mommyhood #dancing #love #kidlove, Same mess every day in his room. Even if it was, it would not by any means disqualify the wonders that any of the above and a cheesy movie on Netflix can do for the soul. Whats the perfect food to munch on, though? Once I discovered this magical snack, my roommates and I polished off a box a day. Other people tend to dive elbow deep into some salty chips. The most delicious marinated Mexican meat that ever lived. All Rights Reserved, 9 Lansdowne Street, Suite 2Boston, MA 02215, luxuriously silky Lindt chocolate truffle, Fairy bread is basically just white bread, The Instagram Accounts Every Donut Lover Should Be Following, 11 Reasons Why Harrisonburg Needs a Trader Joes ASAP. Add a side of rice and beans and Ole! It spreads easily, pairs great with peanut butter (hell yea to that fluffer-nutter), and takes the necessity of a campfire out of a smore. Its pretty unique that we can instantly turn air-dried blocks of noodles into steaming hot bowls of soup. Instead, you have two options: espresso and instant. Its hard to deny that Americans love their deep fried food, large portion sizes, and fast-food chains. Markets and restaurants always had kangaroo burgers, filets and skewers. We think that officially means you can snack on a bag of these, instead of grabbing McDonalds at lunch. Because of this, w. ere diving deeper to find out what foods Americans eat that Australians dont. Though I am sure the bowl you put it in will have a higher nutritional value than the actual mac, it is one yummy fake mac and cheese treat. Caramello Koala. Pumpkin as a dessert? Pizza Shapes are the only thing I miss more than the beaches, scenery and adorable little quokkas. The snack became popular with its original flavors, barbecue, chicken crimpy, cheddar, cheese and bacon, savory, and pizza. Then again, I guess her fluff is our Vegemite. This is just a personal American food that I love, though I know still popular amongst many adults. Lets be real, theres hardly anything better than snacking. Here's how your diet will most likely change if you actually embrace the Australian (college student) way of life. Who doesnt love a good cheese puff? that the first recipe dates back to 1917. that the marshmallow company aimed to develop recipes designed "to encourage home cooks to embrace the candy as an everyday ingredient" and this would hopefully boost sales. If you go to Australia and happen to fall in love with Vegemite, be sure to bring a few jars home because it's priced like caviar in America. Well, that would be the canola oil that keeps cheese in a can from solidifying and the apocarotenal that gives it a yellow-orange pigment. You can thank marketers of Angelus Marshmallows for that. And no, we do not deep fry our bacon, pfft! Instead of gummy worms, Australia has. Basically, this treat brings together everything we love about cookies and candy and rolls it into one. Australia has lamb, America has carne asada! 16 American Foods that Australia is Missing: I made mini pumpkin pies one year for my Aussie workmates and they all looked at me as if I was giving them rat poison. 15. The brand prides itself in having a wide range of flavors that include everything from Nacho Cheese to Margherita Pizza. Saveur Magazine reported that the first recipe dates back to 1917. So, uh Twix, Snickers, why are you holding out on us? A photo posted by Catherine Hooper (@thecatherinesarah) on Sep 20, 2016 at 10:19pm PDT. But hey, after a few weeks, I knew to ask for aioli with my fries (or should I say "chips") rather than confuse the shit out of any more Aussie waiters. Fill those syrup traps up with butter and some maple goodness and you are good to go! Not only does it taste good, its also versatile AF and is great for on-the-go snacking, which means that America, home to every major fast food chain out there, is the perfect place for it. So fingers crossed Tim Tams make their way to cookie aisles everywhere. Its popular in Australia as a snack for kids, but we will take any excuse to eat rainbow sprinkles on the daily. Though not as fresh as from a waffle maker, these frozen Frisbees hit the waffle spot. Foreign countries aren't always going to eat or even sell the same foods as you're used to, and that's okay. When you're getting ready to go abroad, someone somewhere is probably going to tell you "OMG you have to try this" or "I heard they eat this there." Besides being unfamiliar with it, my roommate couldnt give too much of an explanation for the strangeness of this one. The one thing everyone is told before they go to Australia: stock up on duty-free booze at the airport because you wont be able to afford it once you get there. But the street sushi in Australia was around $2 for a roll and was actually legit. According to this Washington Post article, most Australians think eating peanut butter and jelly is as gross as eating bologna and glue. It pairs nicely with our favorite snack foods (celery, crackers, sliced apples, etc.) We grew up on root beer float parties as adults and vanilla vodka floats as kidshmm. A photo posted by Eva Corsini (@eva_candy_corsini) on Sep 22, 2016 at 7:16am PDT. Do you enjoy burning your mouth so hard that you get a blister? The cookie is perfectly crunchy, the chocolate extremely smooth, and the filling melts nicely in your mouth. What? 8 Ways Moving Home After Living Abroad is Annoying, Living Abroad During the 2016 Presidential Election, An American Down Under: 15 MORE Ways Your Life Changes When You Move to Australia The Sequel, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), 10 Yummy On-The-Go Snacks for Busy Moms . The most delicious marinated Mexican meat that ever lived. It is perfect for Taco Tuesday or Just Because Friday. Because you know, sometimes you just cant buy that nice piece of steak that doesnt need any sauce. Photo courtesy of raspberricupcakes on flickr.com. According to the company's site, 53 million packets are sold a year in Australia. This is definitely on the top of my food bucket list. I would rather eat oats for brekky," said Jack. I did spot Sarsaparilla soda from time to time at Coles, but nothing is like the deliciousness of Dads or A&W root beer. Here is something most kids grew up on in America as the quick to-go breakfast pastry. Samantha from Queensland asked INSIDER. Grits, a beloved food in the South, is ground cornmeal thats boiled and served with meals. End up coming out with six; all a different brand, flavor, and level of smoothness. Because of their long history, they are made around ANZAC day and are sold to fundraisers for Service Associations around Australia and New Zealand. However, be warned that when you return to America, youre only getting aioli with your fries at very classy establishments. The spread is made of brewers yeast, vegetables, and spices. Even tackling your first foreign grocery store is a battle on its own. PUMPKIN AS A DESSERT!! View Hotmessgoestoozs profile on Facebook, View hotmessgoestoozs profile on Twitter, View hotmessgoestoozs profile on Instagram, View Hotmessgoestoozs profile on Pinterest, My nephew dropped his phone down the sewer drain. Australias Violet Crumble is fresh honeycomb and toffee covered in chocolate. Why they love it: Oh, Vegemite. Its cheap as hell you can buy a bulk supply for under $2 and really easy to hack. Fairy bread is basically just white breadlathered with butter and dusted with hundreds and thousands of sprinkles. Add to this the multitude of flavors (shrimp, beef, chicken, and so much more) and its hard not to be taken aback by these little packets of goodness. They are famous for their coffee shops and cafs, so you better get used to ordering a long black or a flat white to get your daily caffeine fix. You tryna be tricky? Its buttered toast with rainbow sprinkles. The combination of fried cornmeal with a hot dog made with who knows what is actually much more appetizing than it sounds. Jelly is a dessert. But try explaining that to an Australian and their face will say it all. All Rights Reserved, 9 Lansdowne Street, Suite 2Boston, MA 02215, drinking wine becomes the affordable norm, A photo posted by PopUpDiningKL Travel (@popupdiningkltravel), A photo posted by Catherine Hooper (@thecatherinesarah), A photo posted by Eva Corsini (@eva_candy_corsini). They are grilled sandwiches that are closed at the ends. The candy is made up of shredded coconut, cherries and coated in dark chocolate. For a savory breakfast to go option, nothing is better than some Jimmy in the morning! Copyright document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Her Campus Media LLC. "When I watch food shows that take place in America all I can think about is, why does your cheese look fake?" Personally, we vote all three. Australia took the classic snack to the next level with Cheezels. You didnt really think we wouldnt put Vegemite on here, did you? Its light texture and sugary, vanilla taste make eating it off a spoon feel like putting a cloud of confection in your mouth. My biggest regret when I arrived in Australia was not saying a sweet enough goodbye to American coffee before I left. If you still wanted to eat this adorable Australian-native after making friends with it at a wildlife reserve, you could definitely enjoy it daily.

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