The Chill Concept opened its international residency program for contemporary art practices in October 2013 with the purpose of creating a meeting space in Miami and providing exchange opportunities between creators and curators from Miami and abroad.

The residency provides housing and spaces for workshops and exhibitions for a period of two to three weeks in the City of Miami, Florida.

We promote encounters, dialogues, the exchange of knowledge between creators.  Where projects around the globe come together to stimulate reflection and practical learning.

Our residencies are by invitation only.


Alejandro Arrechea Fong (November 2013)
Gladys Triana  (October 2013)
David Palacios (October 2013)
Violette Bule (November 2013)
Berta Jayo (December 2013)
Marco Donayre (January 2014)
Juan Pablo Jimenez (January 2014)
Blue and Joy (February 2014)
Gerardo Zavarce (February 2014)
Adriana Barrios April 2014)
Michelle Rodriguez (May 2014)
Las Gallas (May 2014)
Isabela Muci (August 2014)
Yolanda Duarte (September 2014)
CC Brown (October 2014)

Venezuelan American Endowment for the Arts
Artemisia Foundation