The Chill Concept

“Museums are safe places for unsure ideas”

–Stephen E. Weil

The Chill Concept is a pop-up museum featuring a collection of projects, rather than objects. It is a creative space that is gaining more sympathy within a growing community.

The “pop-up” model thrives and embodies innovation in times of economic uncertainty. Sure, there are pop-up shops, but how about pop-up museums? We recognized the opportunity to implement this notion in the field of museology and created The Chill Concept.

We started from the basic questions, such as what is contemporary culture? How permanent can contemporary be?

Eventually, everything goes out of trend in contemporary culture because everything contemporary is temporary. From this basis, we decided to get ahead of the inevitable and make it intentionally transitory from the beginning.  So the question now is, can a shop, an art gallery, a residency, a creative space or a project become more contemporary by intentionally turning it into a temporary experience?

A Pop-Up Museum

A Collection of Curated Projects and Creative Spaces

A Contemporary Art Practice

Platform for community interactive engagement

Creating TCC community for social bridging and bonding

Living TCC Culture to experience, reflect, refresh, rethink and enjoy

Vision : Transforming communities and building citizenship through projects and creative spaces.
Mision : To lead to be the most inclusive and collaborative pop-up museum for transforming communities through wellness, innovation and contemporary culture.