Art Fashion Weekend at The Chill Concept will be a multi-arts event that features  international visual artists, fashion designers and performers. A catwalk, an exhibition and performances will take place during the first edition of the Art Fashion Weekend from Friday 13 until Sunday 15 of February.

Through three nights, Art Fashion Weekend will present fashion collections and artistic work from Adriana Barrios, Muu Blanco, Margarita Castro, Nina Dotti, Gloria Herazo, Julie Friel, Juan Henríquez, Sussy Lobo, Arnoldo Maal, Leonor Mendoza, Evelyn Valdirio and Lisu Vega who is already a renowned fashion designer with experience at the Miami Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.

Here you can read more about what they will take to the runway:

ADRIANA BARRIOS Eco Fashion Couture: Venezuelan multimedia artist, Adriana Barrios, will take The Chill Concept’s catwalk with eco-friendly clothing and accesories all made with reused objects. From plastic cutlery, tablecloths, sponges and computer trash, her art-fashion proposal is  environmentally conscious. Video art and performance will be part of the runway.

DRMuuMUU BLANCO DJ and Visual Artist will present at the catwalk of “Art Fashion Weekend” his “JKL collection” a line of sports apparel with sublimated pictures of his work: “Abstracciones Paisajísticas 2002-2007”. Geometric abstractions of landscapes that turn the feminine curves into a new way to see the city in the body. Moving bodies with fragments of cities “Caracas, Berlin and New York”.

Wynwood Time Capsule-Nina DottiNINA DOTTI Thirteen Ways to be Fashion: Venezuelan visual artist, Nina Dotti have worked during about ten years about gender issues and women roles. Mixing performance, photography and multimedia she has developed and array of characters. Every woman or super woman she has incarnated will take the Art Fashion Weekend’s catwalk to show how many “hats” a woman can wear.

LISU VEGA Y JOSE HENRIQUEZLISU VEGA AND JOSE HENRIQUEZ Liquid Bridge. will show a collaborative project where they’ll combine music,video,fashion and painting for the Art Fashion Weekend.  Lisu VEGA has become a celebrated artist, fashion and textile designer who exudes creativity on every fabric, taking inspiration from music, art, or any character. José HENRIQUEZ her husband is a visual artist who have log experience working with public art and video art.

SUSSY LOBO as a designer and illustrator for “Isaac’s Design”, is used to work with rhinestones and appliques. But in the Art Fashion Weekend, she will rock the catwalk with a line of jackets inspired by vintage motorcyclist and the icons of Rock and Roll, Hip hop and punk music.

evelyn-valdirio1EVELYN VALDIRIO

Venezuelan visual artist. Lives and works in Miami since 1992. Through different objects like jackets, suitcases or shoes, she creates historical memories landscapes. She says that her work derives from “spiritual realm that is revealed to us through a soul that aspire to offset every weakness with optimism. I work continuously in several series of intimate landscapes to deal with issues like sex and power, divinity and profanity.


Born in Venezuela, Mendoza  lives and works in New York City. She has found inspiration in both natural and industrial processes. Her work is an exploration of the ecological, domestic and urban world.  She is presenting jewelry and handbags with recycled fabrics made from PET bottles. These fabrics have been intervened with Ever Green’s designs.

ArnoldoMal_Front_ProofARNOLDO MAAL.

Visual artist, actor, illusionist, set designer, designer, are some of the creativity roles of this artist. He has been working on paintings fabrics that has been used by fashion designer JR Martinez. For our Art Fashion Weekend, Arnoldo will direct a tragicomic graphic novel “El DJ es Cupido”. Fashion, art, acting and performance on the set designed for this Fashion Show.