Wynwood Time Capsule-Nina DottiMiami, FL – Feb 16, 2014 – A record of our daily life will be placed under Wynwood soil during President’s Day. Visual artist Nina Dotti, performing “Miss Wynwood”, wants to preserve contemporary recollections of her neighborhood.

This performance will have participation of the community. People of Wynwood are welcome to bring everyday objects, pictures and documents to fill the time-capsule. “Miss Wywnood” made the promise to save County’s memories for future generations.

“Miss Wynwood” is a fictional representation of a beauty queen who became a Mayor of Wynwood and is now worried about how fast things are changing in the County.

This burial performance is part of a major event called “Miss Wynwood’s Day”. From 4 pm to 8 pm, “Miss Wynwood” will offer free activities for kids, music and art exhibitions at The Chill Concept Museum.

Nina Dotti (B.1968) is a Venezuelan artist who lives and works in Miami, Florida. She has a Bachelor’s in Museum Studies and Art History from Jose Maria Vargas University in Caracas. Dotti also specialized in photography at Roberto Mata School and went to the Art Student League of NY for sculpture and drawing. Galerie 13 Jeanette Mariani in Paris has represented her since 2006. Exhibitions include Paris, New York, Miami, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Berlin, Basel, and Shanghai, among others. Her main focus is performance, installation, video and photography. Dotti’s inspiration derives from social clichés attached to women and female behavior in general. Defined as a new media contemporary artist and a “pluralized woman” by French critic Frederic Charles Baitinger, Nina attempts to evoke through her work, women’s role in the XXI century.