Mimagen pasarelaany times fashion designers have looked for inspiration in art, to create or recreate shapes, fabrics, colors and unexpected pieces.  And this is a two-way road. Art also becomes fashion to explore new ways of exhibition. Art meets fashion to get to people, to walk the streets and catwalks.

Art Fashion Weekend at The Chill Concept will be a multi-arts event that features 12 international visual artists, fashion designers and performers. A catwalk, an exhibition and performances will take place during the first edition of the Art Fashion Weekend from Friday 13 until Sunday 15 of February.

Through three nights, Art Fashion Weekend will present fashion collections and artistic work from Adriana Barrios, Muu Blanco, Margarita Castro, Nina Dotti, Gloria Herazo, Julie Friel, Juan Henríquez, Sussy Lobo, Arnoldo Maal, Leonor Mendoza, Evelyn Valdirio and Lisu Vega who is already a renowned fashion designer with experience at the Miami Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.

By using video mapping, performances, paintings or eco-friendly materials, every artist will sew a proposal of wearable art.

LISUVEGA.MUJERABEJADuring the first night of the event, February 13, besides the catwalk will open at The Chill Concept “Threads and Stitches” an exhibition that presents 5 artists who interpret ideas around fashion, culture, identity, sexuality and environment with everyday materials of the “sewing room”. This exhibition will continue open until March 10.

Venezuelan artist, Nina Dotti will also have a participatory performance during Art Fashion Weekend. On February 15 she will be the hostess of “Fashion Exchange”, a kind of “one price only” opportunity to bring and exchange your high fashion items for a “token price”.

The Chill Concept is a pop-up museum conceived to present temporal, flexible and communitarian proposals.  It has the mission of being the most inclusive museum transforming communities and building citizenship through wellness, innovation and contemporary culture.

Check the calendar for more details at http://thechillconcept.com of follow them @thechillconcept (twitter), facebook.com/thechillconcept or Instagram.



February 13, 2015. Exhibit: Threads and Stitches: Nina Dotti, Gloria Herazo, Juan Henríquez, Lisu Vega and Margarita Castro. Runs until March 10, 2015.

Catwalks February 13: Adriana Barrios: Eco Fashion Couture Nina Dotti: Thirteen ways to Be Fashion

Wearable Art Evelyn Valdirio, Julie Friel, Sussy Lobo, Leonor Mendoza. 7:00pm-12:00am


Catwalks February 14, 2015  Lisu Vega y Juan Henríquez. Liquid Bridge  

Wearable Art Arnoldo Maal, Muu Blanco  


February 15, 2015 Fashion Exchange Participatory performance by Nina Dotti