Miami, Dec 1, 2014 – Jan 31, 2015. In Ejercicios TCC N°1 exhibition Muu Blanco integrates a series of works that arise as an extension of aesthetic inquiries related to the dynamics of the urban as scenario of convergence between abstraction and landscape.

The exhibition includes an installation of pictures of the Abstract Landscapes serie (2002-2014), assembled with other images and materials. They become dense metaphors of the contemporary cities processes. This proposal includes photography Ella AAA (2008), two books of collages made in 2014 in New York City, as well as a web transmission of a poetic sound piece of Venezuelan art (2012).

Creation for Blanco is an experience where the links of the context production become dialectical synthesis: symbolic frame, collision and continued development of new meanings. Hence the need to confront traditions, materials, images, articulating a variety of sensitive perspectives, from the fragmentary construction of chaos meanings as a sign of our contemporary.

Gerardo Zavarce.  Wynwood 2014

MUU BLANCO was born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1966. He is one of Venezuela’s leading multimedia artists today. He has produced artworks combining various media: drawing, photography, assembly, videos and music. In the last decade he has focused more on video installations, audio environments and electronic music performances.

Blanco uses urban videos and sounds to create unexpected experiences. His works have been shown in museums and galleries in Canada, Europe, Latin America, and United States; and are found in private collections. Recently, he was part of the travelling exhibit “Futebol o Jogo Só Acaba Quando Termina” of the Goethe-Institut/ICBA, which showed in Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Lima, Córdoba, Bogotá, Caracas, Santiago de Chile and Quito.

Key solo recent exhibitions include “Inthahouse” at Carmen Araujo Arte Gallery (Caracas, Venezuela, 2013), “Caja Blanca Atrapa Moscas” at the Sicart Gallery (Barcelona,Spain, 2012) and “Entorno” at Cubo 7 Gallery (Caracas, Venezuela, 2012)