Starting today, Thursday 16 until Saturday October 18, The Chill Concept will be hostingthe “Environment Media Collective”, an artist collectivewho work with interaction and multiple platforms recreatingmultimediaatmospheres and artistic experiences.

[Miami, Oct. 16] Raul Marroquin, Claudia Robles-Angel, ArnoldoMaal, Matthias Muller, Carlos Cuellar Brown and Adriana Barrios, will present a live video-performance to produce a social and political reflection, while they interact from three countries at the same time. They will be at The Chill Concept in Wynwood, Miami (USA), Lima (Peru) and Bogota (Colombia).

Urna 1A big box will simulate a casket/altar as a tribute to the students fallen during the violent protests experienced early this year in Venezuela.  The “casket” is a video-sculpture. It will have images of the protests, assassinated students, tweets and a live transmission. The installation is the result of a joint work by the Venezuelan artistsCarlos Cuellar Brown and Adriana Barrios. This artwork proposes not only a political experience, but also a spiritual experience for those present physically as well those connected from remote places.

The Colombian artist,Claudia Robles, will show the audiovisual performance “Skin”.  With this work of art, Robles measures the humidity of the skin and the values of the nervous systems of the people through an interface.  This information interacts with sound and video to produce an atmosphere generated “from the skin”.

The Venezuelan artist ArnoldoMaal will produce an installation of multimedia video and platforms using images and objects recollected from his character “Oráculo”, who has been walking around Miami this week.

On Saturday 18, the New Media Festival will present the clarinetist Matthias Muller who will present a video-performance recital on the SABRE Sensor Augmented Bass Clarinet, an acoustic clarinet directly plugged into a computer program.  Throughsensors located in the keys and mouthpiece, Muller generates electronic effects for his performance.

Artists like CC Brown and Raul Marroquin, will be virtually present through a transmission via Hangout on Air (in a channel of YouTube) transmitting part of the event with messages, tweets and images captured from a drone in Bogota.