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Alexander Almarza, Adriana Barrios, Teo Beceiro, Muu Blanco, Pietro Daprano, Angel Delgado, Nina Dotti, Rolando Pena and Rayma Suprani are part of the group show “Trespassing Toward Relevance” that opens next Friday,  January 15th at The Chill Concept sponsored by the Arts Connection Foundation.

Teletubies. Pietro Daprano

Teletubies. Pietro Daprano

This show brings together a Venezuelan and Cuban artists, what through photography, drawing, painting and performance, reveals, transgress and sometimes disguises political statements using humor as a tool.

Using the techniques of contemporary art and participatory performance these artists explore transgressive aesthetics using art and humor as a tactic and a communication tool.

mapa de venezuela

Luz y color, by Alexander Almarza

Artists like Nina Dotti, Angel Delgado and Rayma Suprani use media and new media aesthetics to build an aesthetic of their own without using a television set. Others like Muu Blanco, Rolando Peña, Pietro Daprano put the magnifying glass over strong messages through photography and performance.

Art, politics and humor in artworks will be for one month at the exhibition hall of The Chill Concept from Janaury 15th of 2016.

Trespassing Toward Relevance opening night will be presented with the 10th edition of Latin Sound Connections, with  Dr.Muusica, Black Dog, MusiCat and M Ocho, who are going to present a session focused on The Nu Disco House.