Miami, Fl- Colorful drawings, portrays of women praying or with butterfly eyes are examples of Belén Vallenilla works, which will be on display at The Chill Concept from this Thursday, March 12th. The exhibition is titled, “Woman rebirth. La Verdadera Clarissa.”

The artist is a lawyer, an expert on protection of gender based violence, child sexual abuse and human trafficking. She has worked with the International Red Cross, the UN and Amnesty International in Venezuela, Spain, Cuba, and Jamaica. She has also worked in refugee camps in the Middle East.

After enduring painful personal experiences of domestic violence, Vallenilla decided to explore a path of personal rebirth and to express this through art. This is how these series of drawings come to life using Chinese ink and gel ink pens.


Healing. Belén Vallenilla

According to the casino online author, these drawings are a reflection of her female essence “which has been rebuilt through resilience. The artist wants to give a hand to other women victims of gender based violence.” Vallenilla confesses that her work had the intention of reflecting her inner self because “I felt isolated from the world, even from myself.” The chromatic search of her work aims to reflect her “beats, thoughts, feelings and inner harmony.”

Vallenilla started to display her artistic work from 2010 throughout different countries, such as Argentina, Spain, Jordan and Venezuela. She genuinely combines her artistic work with the time she dedicates to activism and the defense of human rights.

Vallenilla’s personal story was the inspiration for the novel and play by journalist María Elena Lavaud, Tatuaje de Lágrimas. This monologue is running on Saturday 14th and 21st, March, at the Chill Concept from 9pm, within the exhibition “Woman Rebirth. La Verdadera Clarissa”.