1981 Caracas, Venezuela.
Miami-based artist.

Carla Forte is a performer, scriptwriter and film director. Forte is the Founder and Executive Director of Bistoury Physical Theatre and Film. She has directed Video-Art works like Staring at the Ceiling, Interrupta, Assassins for One Night, among others featured at venues such as: 10th Experiments in Cinema New Mexico (2015); 10th Annual Film and Video Screenings Newark (2015); 20th Cucalorus Film Festival Wilmington (2014); 27th Les Instants Vidéo Italy (2014); Pool 14 Internationale TanzFilmPlattform Berlin (2014); Art Screening at Trestle Gallery Brooklyn (2014) and 21st Quinzena de Danca de Almada, Portugal (2013)

Project title:



“Four characters, united by their thoughts and separated by their realities, transform their existence into movement.”

My primary intent as a artist is to communicate my personal and social concerns, transforming them into a magical realm where anything becomes possible. Images, dialogues, silences, colors and movement join to create a visual equilibrium, speaking for themselves.