Artist in residence at Rijksakademie Amsterdam, Catherine Biocca have a master student degree from Georg Herold at Düsseldorf Academy and a  Bachelor degree in political sciences at Luiss University Rome.


Project title:



Nevada Promenade is a videoanimation in which a T-Rex is chasing a velociraptor trying to escape. A second element is a series of never ending arches from the renaissance that for some sort of a tunnel within which the chasing between the two dinosaurs takes place. The background is just black, somehow endlessly as well and there is no real time reference if not the constant repetitivenes of the animals’ action and the motion of the architechtural elements, which have a faster pace than the dinosaurs. The soundtrack I composed for this animation is a mix between audio elements  taken from funk and basic house music alongside with the rythmic footsteps of the T-rex.

The animation is a endless and somehow hypnotic loop Videoanimation HD, color, sound, loop (2015)