From March 12 to 31st at The Chill Concept (Miami, Fl.)

Next thursday, March 12th, Venezuelan creator Dan Folgar will present at The Chill Concept his art show “The Spiritual Nickelodeon,” an exhibition of his graduate thesis for a Master in Fine Arts  at the Miami International University of Art and Design.

“The Spiritual Nickelodeon” is a painting, sound and video-art installation that shows Dan Folgar’s exploration of spirituality and its meaning for different people. “Through my research into various cultures and belief systems I have developed a body of work that displays my own feelings on the subject. The goal of these pieces is to give the viewer a moment of meditation, and provide a space of tranquility we lack so often in our modern culture,” explains Folgar.

By flowing colors in the walls and on the screen, Dan Folgar is trying to capture the sense of tranquility as an important part of the spiritual experience.

The exhibition will be open from Thursday 12th during next Gallery Walk and will run until March 31st.