On April 9th, Venezuelan artist Isabela Muci will open at The Chill Concept the exhibition called “The Rapture of The Drift”, a series of oil on canvas that explores the body as an expressive resource and painting as a meditation exercise.

At The Chill Concept exhibition hall, Muci will display an insight of her research between ethereal, remembrance and eroticism in painting; and she will also reveal her work to the audience. “I am interested in the austerity of whiteness, pushed from the inside by colors. It is like blood and like heartbeats that you cannot see but that give life to the body. Then we have pure colors, the purest they are, the more intense they become,” said the artist as she was interviewed.

Muci acknowledges the influence that German expressionism and European modernists have had on her work, and she confesses that her approach to painting is a meditation, transformation and a learning exercise. “I am looking for this effect as soon as I open the oil paint tubes. From this moment, it feels like my soul escapes my body and my whole self. My breathing changes as I take the brush and I put some painting on the palette.”

During the exhibition “The Rapture of  The Drift” at The Chill Concept, Isabela Muci will offer a program of activities running from April 4th to 11th 2015 aimed to children, teens and adults. A discussion with the artist will take place on Thursday, April 16th, at the showroom.

Isabela Muci was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She is a plastic artist and a painting teacher for children, teens and adults. Muci is a mass communicator from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. She studied Fine Arts at Parsons The New School of Design in Paris, France. Muci has participated in several collective and individual exhibitions. Also, Muci is the president of “Le Groupe Avila”, an association for the dissemination and cooperation for the French-South American contemporary artist.


Saturday 04/04/2015: Yoga workshop for the eyes 4:00PM

Thursday 04/09/2015: Opening night The Rapture of Drift  Isabela Muci 7:00 PM

Saturday 04/11/2015 Hands-on experimental painting workshop for kids (9-13 year olds )  with an inspirational tour to exhibition “The Rapture of Drift” Isabela Muci . 11.00AM

Thursday  04/16/2015: Artist talk with Isabela Muci 7:00 PM