Mirjamsvideos, (born 1983, the Netherlands) completed an MA in Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium. mirjamsvideos currently resides in Lisbon, Portugal.

This artist participates in the MNMF2015 with two different projects:

Title: Listen

Synopse: 5 scenes creating an odd play between micro and macro worlds, at moments when everything is almost colourless, creating uncertainty about the definitions of beauty ´light´ and ´darkness´.

A single channel projection/on screen video, trying to renew the eyes (way of seeing) of the viewer.

Aero from mirjamsvideosTitle: Aero

AERO is a combination of video art and improvised music, a project with a great chill-out or meditative character. It brings 6 videos in a sequence (singe channel) that show natural scenes in a play of form in formlessness.

It can be projected with music playing on speakers, for the audience to dis- and reconnect to our life of form.