The Chill Concept opened its doors with an extensive calendar of wellness workshops and activities. Our workshops leaders are Monica Uribe, EugEne Grant, Myan Binder, Judith Costa, Cindy Hill, Elijah Nisenboim, Karega Tucker and Juliano Echeverría. If you want to join them, just write to Find out here what they are offering this quarter:

Monica Uribe

Monica Uribe is a former television producer and copywriter whose yoga practice was the by-product of treating a chronic neck pain with yoga and meditation. She completed her 200RYT in Vinyasa Yoga. She is a Certified Outreach Yoga Teacher with Yoga Gangsters, a non-for-profit organization that provides free yoga programs to Miami’s inner city youth.

OM Now Yoga Class.

A vinyasa flow style yoga with emphases on the breath and relaxation.

Mondays & Wednesday 6-7:30 pm $FREE Sept 15- November 26


Eugene GantEugEne Gant is a student of Divine Spiritual Wisdom and esoteric sciences for over fifteen years. As a certified Meditation teacher, Naam Yoga Therapist, Harmonyum Healing Practitioner, and Therapeutic Essential Oil Consultant, EuGene seamlessly combines the stillness of the mind, advanced breath techniques, movement and activation of the body with plenty of laughs for the Spirit! He is every Wednesday at The Chill Concept.

Mudras: The Language of the Astral World

Join EuGene for this two part series that covers the hidden world of the hands and how they access worlds that influence ours with the simple twist of the wrist or cross of the fingers. This series is focused on finding the healing power of accupressure and its effects on the body, as well as the subtle power channeled through the hands and how to guide it properly!

October 1, 8. $30 per class or $50 per 2 class series. 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.

Breath: The Master Key of Life’s Mystery The Breath is King of the Mind!

This two part series will address the simple and powerful techniques and theories that surround pranayama and breath empowerment. All the great Avatars of our world were masters of the breath. Join EuGene as we find out why that was and how we can draw on that power to realize our own personal Avatar

October 15, 22. $30 per class or $50 per 2 class series. 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.

Kabbalah: An Intro to Universal Co-Creation

Join EuGene as he facilitates a two part introduction to the vast and powerful world of Universal Kabbalah and its practical application in everyday life. We will be reviewing the Three Planes of Creation,! Introduction to the Kabbalistic Components of Naam Yoga, and the first system of deliberate creation(Manifestation)!

Oct 29, Nov. 5. $30 per class or $50 per 2 class series. 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.

The Body: Vehicle of Healing & Ascension

There is a mystery thats still not being utilized for its raw ability to heal, move without movement, self repair and generate vast amount of electro radioactive energy for self empowerment and physical strength. Join EuGene for this two part series that Illuminates the body through presence, symbology, sacred geometry and Universal Kabbalah.

Nov 12, 19. $30 per class or $50 per 2 class series. 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.


Myan Binder

Myan Binder is a psychic reader and teacher and energy healer, and animal communicator. She has been doing this work professionally for ten years, teaches classes in psychic development, including meditation, energy healing, clairvoyance, animal communication and healing. She used to teach at a psychic school in Chicago, and is excited to bring her work to beautiful Miami!

Be Your Own Superhero!: I Psychic Development Class

Start developing your psychic abilities through this phenomenal meditation class! Being sensitive in the world can be a gift when your abilities are cultivated and nurtured. Everyone is psychic! Come discover how you can use your psychic abilities to create your life! Topics focused on in this class are clairvoyance (your ability to see energy), your own energy vs. everything else, grounding and safety, letting go, having more space and the aura, energy channels, getting your life in movement, creating more of what you want, protecting yourself, and more!

Mondays Sept 9-November 11 7:30-9pm $200 for six week session

The Art of Alchemy:A Creativity Workshop

Tuesdays November 11, 18 & 25 7-9pm $125 for 3 session


Judith CostaJudith Costa is a certified Life Coach, Seminar Leader and Speaker. She has a Master’s degree in Psychology and Psychotherapy. She works with groups and individuals to help them overcome their inner blocks, to know themselves better and to achieve their goals. She uses different techniques such as Coaching, Astrology, Past Life Regression Therapy and Dream Interpretation, in all of which she is certified.

Do you wish to find your Soul Mate?

What would you do to find The One? What is stopping you to experience real Love? Enroll in the workshop and find out what you need to do to create the Love Life you are seeking, and to attract your Soul Mate. In this workshop you will learn: • The meaning of a Soul Mate relationship • How to prepare yourself to be with your Soul Mate • The 3 steps to attract your Soul Mate • The tools and techniques to manifest Love • How to identify and release unconscious beliefs & patterns that are not allowing you to attract the kind of relationship you are seeking

Oct 16 7-8pm $ FREE

October 25 full day 10-6 $125

What is Intuition? November 13. 7-8pm

Jed Shlackman

Jed Shlackman, L.M.H.C. provides a variety of individual, family, and group counseling and healing services. Jed’s psychospiritually-based guidance and powerful mind-body and energetic healing methods can foster deep healing and rapid transformation – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Jed has been practicing Reiki in Miami since 1999 and teaching/attuning hundreds of students since 2003.

Singing Bowls are used to help clear tension from our energy fields and balance the chakras – the subtle energy centers that distribute our life force. In modern times the benefits of sound therapies have been identified for people with a variety of mental health difficulties as well as for people experiencing pain and serious illnesses. Each bowl has a primary musical tone along with many additional overtones that wash through you like cleansing waves. Come join Jed for this sacred gathering to experience these powerful sound tools as participants experience these amazing sounds facilitating meditation and healing

7-9pm $20

Reiki Certification Level 1 Reiki training includes a process called attunement, in which a master performs an initiation procedure to open up the student’s energy system to increased energy flow and power. Reiki is typically very relaxing and associated with brainwave patterns present during periods of meditation. Reiki is a therapy that is used to balance chakra energy flow (chakra balancing) and help cleanse, strengthen, and balance the aura/biofield (aura clearing/aura cleansing).

October 18th 1-5pm, $100

Reiki Certification Level 2 November 5th 1-5pm $100
Reiki Certification Level 3 November 22 1-5pm $100


Cindy HillCindy Hill is a certified Aromatherapist. Since 2007 Cindy has been exploring and developing synergies that create a non-toxic lifestyle for your home, your health and your outer beauty. As a Chef by profession, Cindy works with fresh herbs and she made the connection with foods that heal and their essences to heal.

The Art of Aromatherapy For Home, Health and Romance October 14 7-9pm $20


Elijah NisenboimElijah Nisenboim has been helping people work toward fulfilling their life purpose for over 20 years and has led thousands of people through the state of suffering, to joy and fulfillment. Author of What’s In Your Roots? Making The Unconscious Conscious and founder of the Effiji Breath Technique.

What is your Root?

Making the unconscious conscious has been traveling the country sharing his innovative skills to bring clarity and truth to those on a spiritual path.

October 21 7-9pm $45

Effiji Breath Workshop

Experience the Effiji Breath with powerful transformative music. Experience the power and beauty of your real Self. Release stress and anxiety. Heal core traumas. Clear defense mechanisms and old limiting patterns. Eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors and self-limiting attitudes

October 23 7-9pm $45


Karega Tucker Karega Tucker played college basketball at Barry University and participated in Professional Basketball workouts. He is a Certified EMT Firefighter II and Personal Trainer. He is the founder of KT’s School of Basketball

Back Yard Boot Camp

This bootcamp will focus on cardio drills, body resistance, and core strengthening exercises. Backyard Bootcamp will be a great way to relieve stress, interact with new people and challenge yourself twice a week with fun and creative workouts.

Every Wednesdays & Fridays 7:30-9pm $15 per class $300 full session


Juliano Echeverria Juliano Echeverría is a Quantum Healing Past Life Regressionist. Through the power of intention, guided visualization and past life regression meditation, Juliano will guide you in a journey to the past to discover important things that are affecting our present, and might affect your future.

What is your life purpose? What kind of fears are holding you back? What are your deepest fears? Are you ready to get rid of the old and embrace the new?

November 4 7-9 pm $20