Visual artist and DJ Muu Blanco will launch an exhibition at the Chill Concept called “New Compositional Thinking. Vol I,” next Thursday, September 10th.

In this exhibition, Muu Blanco displays a series of images from the Venezuelan oil epic. “This new compositional thinking is a researching exercise. It has to do with the integration of performances, photography and sampler of archive images”, said the artist, who added: “The photo images capture the interaction moment among the selected elements I picked”.

“The links that the artist tries to create with the expression of the famous mexican TV character by Roberto Gómez Bolaños (Chespirito) – and now, who will help us? – are rather obvious. It is equally clear that through his work Muu Blanco denounces the veneration to oil,” argued curator Gerardo Zavarce, who also added: “Thus, his compositions are neither epic nor nostalgic gazes of modern views. On the contrary, they reveal their tragedies and disenchantments. Muu Blanco’s visions belong to spectral, broken modernities.”

About the Artist

Venezuelan visual artist and DJ currently based in Miami, has worked from exile on manifestations of disenchantments, which range from displacement to escaping experiences, but always keeping in mind the perspective of the expat. His work utilizes “sampling” of pieces by other artists, thereby reshaping new images based on new fragments and new interpretations.