Twenty seven national and international artists have been selected for the curatorial committee to take part in the 2015 edition of the Miami New Media Festival (MNMF) scheduled for October 2015 at The Chill Concept.

These proposals engages audience through artistic innovation in video, internet and public art. “We are really excited about this selection. “This is the first time we opened our call to artists from around the world and we had a great feedback”, says Nina Fuentes, creator of the MNMF nine years ago.

“Our curators committee thinks that these artists are going to have a great impact on multimedia visual arts” said Mauisa Parada, director of the Arts Connection Foundation, sponsor of the festival.

The Miami New Media Festival is a multimedia public art project held in Wynwood, Miami, every October since 2006. It promotes video, interactive 3D, video sound connection, syndicate live web cast, mapping, audiovisual live performance, workshops and lectures among Miami and its public spaces. In some editions, it has also streamed some artwork simultaneously in other Latin American cities. This festival enables a new possibility of public art reaching audience integrating videos into urban life.

The artists selected were among 85 applicants from around the world. Nina Fuentes, creator of The Chill Concept; Gerardo Zavarce, curator; Mauisa Parada, director of the Arts Connection Foundation; Adriana Barrios, videoartist; and Muu Blanco, multimedia artist; were part of the committee who made the final selections. Curators of the exhibition are Carlos Cuellar Brown, Gerardo Zavarce and Nina Fuentes.

Financial support for this exhibition comes from Arts Connection Foundation.

See the list of artists selected through the ART WORKS OPEN CALL for the Miami New Media Festival 2015:


Sonia Laura Armaniaco (Italy). Video: “Disturbe Glance”.

Amitai Arnon (Israel). Video: “Mask”.

Catherine Biocca (Netherlands). Video: “Nevada Promenade”.

Adam Castle (United Kingdom). Video: “Screensaver”.

Anupong Charoenmitr (Thailand). Video: “Clock”.

Christopher Chiu (United Kingdom). Video: “Baseball, home or away”.

Tusia Dabrowska (Poland). Video: “Diphthongs”.

RaumZeitPiraten (Germany). Video: “Cyclo Copter”.

Sandrine Deumier (France). Video “Magical Garden”.

Daniel Nicolae Djamo (Romania). Video: “Soghomons Iblis”.

Carla Forte (Miami, USA) Video: “Interrupta”.

Wanbli Gamache (Fayetteville, USA). Video: “Excavations” Fayetteville.

Heidi Hörsturz (Netherlands). Video: “T Rex in Love”.

Vanja Mervic (Slovenia). Video: “Blowing Bubbles on a Micro Sale”.

Mirjamsvideos  (Portugal) Video: “Listen”.

Youjin Moon (Boston, USA). Video: “Io”.

Ben Neufeld (Los Angeles, USA). Video: “Dictational Memory”.

Katarzyna Parejko (Poland) Video: “Wiatr/Oddech”.

Johanna Reich (Germany). Video: “Signs of the City”.

Eleonora Roaro (Italy). Video: “Tulipamania”.

Matthew Schoen (Canada) Video: “Vehicles”.

Damian Lintell Smith (United Kingdom). Video: “Circuit Bent Alesis SR-16 With Video Out”.

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (India). Video: “Wake Me Up”.

Jeremy Stewart (Boston, USA). Video: “Study: Unsustainable // Qualities”

UOM (Miami, USA) Eduardo Balerdi & Daniel Fiorda. Video-Performance

Daniel Wechsler (Israel). Video: “Unknown Path”.

Kamila Wolszczak (Poland) Video: “Narcissus”.