-OM- was originated in early 2007 as a multi-disciplinary project with emphasis in non- traditional,Vintage and electronic instruments, and performance technique.

Original members : Daniel Fiorda, Eduardo Balerdi, Sebastian Leder Kremer,Tabo Roso

Eduardo Balerdi – Guitars , Roland MC 909 , keyboards.

Daniel Fiorda – Kaossilator Pro’s, KP3, IPad

This all-embracing approach has taken the project through a path of  collaboration with the visual art scene and from it inception , to the present days it has morph into organic three or four member project in collaboration with Marianna Fox ( Acting & voices) and Miguel Mac Fhantom( Acting & voices special effects) called -UOM- Auditory Art Project.

-UOM- primal energy is often in direct superposition with more sophisticated forms of sound production,such as cutting edge real-time recording and looping and the use of current and vintage electronics and video projections.

-UOM- plays based in the concept of improvisation!

In the last 2 years -UOM- has played more than 100 shows. Each -UOM-’s live performance is unique to its own environment. having played at electro/acoustic music festival,Clubs , Hotels , Art galleries, International Art Fairs.

Winners of the 2012 Mastermind Award from the Miami New Times magazine.