Alejandro Arrechea Fong

Date of birth: 10/16/1967
Nationality: Spanish-Cuban


Bachelor of Fine Arts and Art History
Institute of Arts. Cuba 1991


• AutoCad-Discovery Training-Madrid 2012
• Course: Digital Retouching program. C.E. Glen Gonzalez c/Fuencarral.105.28012 Center. Madrid 2006
• Lighting Design. School of Performing Arts. Institute of Arts. Cuba 1990. Empesa Vocational School, Madrid. 2007.
• Restoration, Conservation and Museology. C.E.N.C.R.E.M. Cuba 1991
• Textile Conservation. C.E.C.O.P. Caracas, Venezuela 1992
• Set Design. Raja Theatre Table. Caracas, Venezuela 1993
• Artistic Productions. Producers Anonymous. San José, Costa Rica 1994
• Decorator. Palma Pictures. Mallorca 1997


• Series “NS Mayday 7”. Next Film. Decorator Barcelo.Toronto, Canada
• Five years in Group ENDEMOL
• Series: Isabel the Catholic. Diagonal TV. TVE.2011
• Big Brother Program. The Reencuentro.Zeppelin TV.
• 11.Zeppelin Big Brother TV program.
• Third Edition of This
• house was a wreck. Zeppelin TV.
• 10.Zeppelin Big Brother TV program.
• Program Bromas.2008.Zeppelin With a couple of TV.
• Second Edition of this house was a wreck. Zeppelin TV.
• Super Model 2008.Zeppelin TV program.
• First Edition of Fame, to dance. Zeppelin TV.
• 9.Zeppelin Big Brother TV program.
• First edition of this house was a wreck. Zeppelin TV.
• Nobody’s Perfect Program 2007. Zeppelin TV.
• Anthology of Zarzuela. Palacio de los Deportes. Madrid.
• Movie Wellness 6.Alemana.Palma Pictures.1998
• Movie Diana and Dodi. A Royal Romance. 1997


• Set and Lighting Design: Group dance Bad Herbs. Guindalera room. Madrid 02/2005
• Design: Scenery and Lighting: Clouds CD presentation concert of Carlos Varela, with Fer Olvera (Mana), Pablo Milanes. Havana, Cuba 2001
• Set and Lighting Design: Rotates Like Fish, Carlos Varela. La Riviera, Madrid, Luz de Gas, Barcelona, Valencia Roxy Room, Theatre de Gijón. 1999
• Set and Lighting Design: Carmen Roche Company. Madrid 2006
• Set and Lighting Design: Introducing O’Funk’illo Athanai in concert. Sala La Riviera. Madrid 21/10/05
• Set Design and Production: Crazy World Fest. Jaulares Productions. Costa Rica 03/2005
• Production: Tour 19 days and 500 nights Joaquín Sabina. Costa Rica 03/2000
• Lighting Design: Amusic Skazz Band. Mercat de Música Viva.Barcelona 09/2000
• Lighting Design: Musical bridge, Cuba-USA (Peter Fraptom, Bonny Ray, Lisa Lou, Compay Segundo …) Havana, Cuba 1999
• Production: Festival Ecomundo with: D.Gilmour (Pink Floyd), R.Daltry (Who), P.Manzanera (Roxy Music), Kool & the Gang. Cali, Colombia 12/1992


Restoration of  Works of  Arts

• Decorator: Company DecoART. Barcelona from 2002 to 2004.
• In 2005, the company dedicated to the artistic wealth management, Art and Nature, eight works acquired mine for series of serigraphs, thus entering its collection of contemporary art.(
• Artistic Screen Printing Printer in AMOERRO, SL Madrid from 2005 to 2006.
• Artistic Screen Printing Printer in COLORAMA PRINT. Madrid from 2004 to 2005.
• Professor of Fine Arts at the Higher Institute of Arts in Habana.1991
• Professor of Fine Arts at the School of Arts in Elementary Habana.1991.
• Professor of Fine Arts at the School Fermin Rodriguez.
The Habana.1992.

Illescas Art Center. “Between Light and soulless”-Toledo 2012
HELENA GALLERY CARRASCO-ArtNexus. “Jazz at Sotavento”.Panama, 2012.
Gehitu.Donosti room. “Spear of Longinus”. Euskadi 2012.
Fundación Caja Rioja. “Voice Without a Face”.
La Rioja. Spain. 2012
Galerie Havanna-Bremen. Galerie der Künstler. Bremen 2011
Galerie Havanna-Bremen. Light pal Spiritu.2010.individual
Hispanic Museum of Contemporary Art in New York:
Working Women Community Centre. “Women”. Toronto. 2010
Calçot Room: RETABLOS. Individual. Madrid, 22/11/05
Fidel Balaguer Room: COL.LECTVA. Barcelona 01/2003.
Fidel Balaguer Room: EMERGENT 2002. Collective. Barcelona 05/2002.
Centre Cultural Caixa Manlleu: SUM OF SECRETS.
Individual. Barcelona 09/2001
Shakespeare Room: THIS WORLD UNITED II. Individual.
San Jose, Costa Rica 12/2000
Room Barcelo, S. Jose Palacio: THIS WORLD UNITED.
Individual. Costa Rica 1999.
Joan Oliver d’Art Gallery “Maneu”: TWO CUBAN ARTISTS.
Individual. Palma de Mallorca 07/1997
Traveling in Italy: SEEING IS BELIEVING. Collective.
Arci Nuova Associazione Collaboration, Enrico Crispolti … 1995
Neotype Room “radio 6.371 million mt”: Collective. Las Mercedes.
Caracas. Venezuela. 1991
International Press Center. Vereda Tropical: LaHabana.1991
Center for Art and Design. “Masters of Cuban Painting”: LaHabana.1990
23y12 Gallery. “Hall Plaza”. Havana. 1990.