Nina Dotti

Location: Miami

Departament: Artist

Type: Multi Media Artist

Born: Venezuela 1968. Currently lives and works in Miami, FL

Nina Dotti’s artistic career began in 2004 at the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian Bi-sexual, Transgender) Pride celebration in Caracas, Venezuela. Along with other artists, she broke away from mainstream artistic settings with videos, installations, conceptual photomontages and performances in the exhibition “Album de Boda” in the Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos Romulo Gallegos (CELARG) located in Caracas. [1]

Today, much of Dotti’s work centers upon her own life experiences and the role of women in society. She was a pioneering artist in Venezuela in the fight for the right for GLBT people to marry. She took the name under which she creates her art in honor of photographer Tina Modotti, after discovering that she needed to create an alias in order to have her own identity within the contemporary art world and to freely express her ideas on gender.

Since the beginning of her artistic career, Dotti has always been interested in the representation of social clichés (especially feminist issues) and the defense of GLBT rights.