Sonia (aka §vonicå) is an AudioVisual artist who sometime lives and work in Italy, otherwise where her laptop brings her. She has shown her audiovisual works worldwide since 1985. She started with 2 super8 s then homemade vhs’s. She has also been involved in live audiovisual performances and video installations, especially in the United States (NYC, Philadelphia and all over California). Music was her first passion. Because of this she has deep sympathy for her right side of the brain, and since the right side works nonlinearly she necessarily loves the kind of “editing” that happens in dreams. She considers dreams as investigation territories and cut\ips working, always looking for accidental beauty using serendipity patterns.

Project title: Disturbed Glance

One of the causes of dyslexia is related to visual processing – here is the vision hitting the eye that isn’t looking. sound: an infinite glitch caused by a simulated and induced crash

video: images and sequences animated and processed by noises and glitches –