Soulmates (2015)

The soul is where our most terrible personal battles are fought. Our ideas, experiences, memories and feelings, both positive and negative, emerge and influence the exercise of our will, being recorded in a secret file that would be “the seed of the soul.”

The soul is the operational center where we relate to others and interpret their actions, words and functions and also the circumstances surrounding us in a personal and individual way. It is very important that our soul act and work in a balanced way between the concepts, truths, values ​​and principles, where emotions, the feelings we have are our life experiences.

For this installation we talk about Soul Mates. Soul mates are easy to read, it’s like an open book. “They connect with joy and fervor in all levels of being.” “Soul mates often connect with the familiar, achieving a sense of comfort about the other person.”

Soulmate also knows how to respond to your emotional signals. “They stay close when you trust, give you full attention and move to answer your hardships, touch your hand when you’re a little unsure, hug you when you’re happy, and you tenderly comforting when you’re suffering.”

In the installation that Adriana Barrios presents, portraits, the connection between Soulmates. Different situations, locations, time frames, experiences, feelings will be projected using pictures the artist captured in her trips around the world.


Adriana Barrios 

Graphic designer, curator and artist. Director of Language Technology, Media and Arts at Telema Cultural Foundation, Caracas, Venezuela.

Curator and producer of the multidisciplinary media event at The Chill Concept and Arts Connection Foundation Miami, Fl, Miami New Media Festival.

Samples of her art work are placed in several galleries, museums and showrooms in Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Venezuela and USA.