Lives and works in India

Work title: “This is a movement, but movement less”


“This is a movement, but movement less”

My employment is creating the illusion of motion. Depending on the Einstein theory “movement is relative” as an object is moving means another object should be called for, this is calledĀ  “theory of relativity”. On contrary of this, my work is brought around and influence of infinite of Yves Klein monochrome colour blue painting. Instead of blue I am using different colours filling the infinity.

Image that there is only the train in thisĀ  creation. For the train, relatively There are no, it’s track, earth, sun, moon, stars and this universe. If the train is going straight with constant speed without anything in the infinity, if we sit in the train sense the surroundings, at that point we really do not feel the train is moving or unmoving. Means, at that situation we lose the sense of difference between the moving and unmoving.

Works: My deeds are under section of video art.