Miami’s new pop-up Museum is opening on September 13th, 2014

A new space for experimentation between art, innovation and well-being, will be part of the cultural agenda of Miami. The Chill Concept is a pop-up museum with performances, art installations and workshops.

With the idea of a museum conceived as a safe environment for unpredictable ideas, proposed by Stephen Weil – the well-known expert on museums and author of Making Museums Matter –, Andreina Fuentes found her inspiration for The Chill Concept, the new art museum to be opened in Wynwood on September 13th.

Far from being just a collection of objects, The Chill Concept integrates art and well-being. It is a pop-up museum conceived to present temporal, flexible and communitarian proposals. A place to catalyze ideas about diversity, genre and promote relationship with the community.

The agenda is multiple: art exhibitions, film projections, talks, yoga and gastronomy workshops. The museum also has open spaces for art innovation and well-being activities for mind and soul.

“Since I was a student of Museology in Caracas (Venezuela), I was very interested in new museology”, explains Fuentes, entrepreneur, artist and creator of The Chill Concept. Fuentes has already been a gallerist in Wynwood for almost 10 years as a director of the Hardcore Art Contemporary Space. “I have followed the ideas of MINOM (International Movement for a New Museology), for which the museum is not just a physical space: the museum exists inside or outside of it, because art does not have a need for walls. You may find a collection not necessarily of objects; there you may find yourself surrounded by cultural heritage that may or may not be tangible. Our main interest is the community. These are the premises of The Chill Concept.”

The Chill Concept offers a program of residence for artists – by invitation –, a library for students and researchers of contemporary art and design, exhibition and conference rooms, a store, a coffee shop and a garden for outdoors activities.

Inauguration: Saturday Sep 13th, 8:00 pm
Address: The Chill Concept. 114 NE 20 Ter Miami, Fl 33137

Last June, as an event prior to its premier, The Chill Concept presented the first film festival LGBTQ from China in Miami. On inauguration day, Sep 13th, The Chill Concept will present the book The Chill a Concept: The Museum Evolution and a calendar of events for the next quarter.