From November 13th of 2014 to Februay 15th of 2015 , The Chill Concept hosts “Maze of the Image and  the Word: Reinaldo Arenas and Gladys Triana”, an exhibition of a series of ten drawings  produced by the artist Gladys Triana (Camagüey, Cuba; 1937)  which provided inspiration to the writer Reinaldo Arenas (Holguin, Cuba; 1943 – USA 1990) who will also be present through his textual artistic contributions.

Reinaldo Arenas poetical comments on this series of drawings, done in ink over paper by
Gladys Triana , capture the registry of the sensible experience of two great Cuban masters.

The curator of the exhibition, Gerardo Zavarce relates Gladys Triana testimony:
“Arenas wanted to apprehend the drawings in the same way as his eyes catched his
sights. His work is intimately associated with the perceptive touch of what he saw in a
specific manner of contemplation, capturing a perspective and photographic framing,
singular and contingent with a special desire for having a register for the
memory, there, in that place, where it is most fragile and vulnerable”.
Drawings and poetry, prose and sketches, will get together in the exhibit room of Miami’s
new pop-up museum.


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Opening date: Thursday November 13th
Time: 7PM
Address: 114 NE 20 Terrace, Miami 33137
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