Haiti Makenley 3Miami.- How goes a day in Haiti? Two young Haitians documented everyday life in Jakmel from sunrise to sunset. Women crossing the river course to the market, carrying chickens on their heads, and photos of colorful masks anticipating the preparations for the coming Carnival, are some of the images captured by Makenley Louissant and Fedno Lubin.

These photographs will be presented at the exhibition “The Beauty of Jakmel, Haiti”, to open on June 13, 2015 at 8:00 pm, at The Chill Concept Museum. This photo show is being coordinated by the NGO Flying for Haiti, with the support of Arts Connection Foundation and Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC). All the proceeds from this exhibition goes to support the education of Louissant and Lubin.

Makenley Louissant comes from the south-west of Haiti: Ile-a-Vache (Island of Cows), an island of mangroves and lagoons with no water or electricity. It is eight miles in length and nearly 20 thousand people are living there. To reach this island, it is necessary to drive five hours from Port-au-Prince and navigate 45 minutes.

Makenley by Fedo Lubin

Makenley by Fedo Lubin

Louissant started taking pictures at the workshops offered by the NGO Flying High for Haiti since 2011 in the school École du Village. Inés Lozano, founder of this NGO and director of the Metropolitan International School of Miami (MET), explained that they decided to sponsor the work of Louissant because, as a student, his workshop highlighted more and more each year. This is the reason for coordinating his trip to Jakmel to work on these photographs together with Fedno Lubin, a young photographer of the ACFFC.

“Their ways of looking are quite different,” says Lozano. “Fedno is outgoing, more of a photojournalist; he wants to be a witness of the action. Makenley goes more for the artistic look. They did photographs of the architecture and craftsmanship of Jakmel. These guys captured the cultural beauty of Jakmel in these awesome pictures, with very little resources”. Lozano explains that Louissant and Lubin want to become Haiti_Makenley 1professional photographers but given the social circumstances of their towns, they need to be sponsored to achieve their goals.

The opening will have live music by Jude Papaloko and Friends. Papaloko is a Haitian artist and musician of Vodou pop – a fusion of traditional Haitian instruments, rhythms and rituals with West African percussion, rock and roll, blues and hip-hop.

Flying High for Haiti is a non-profit organization aiming to empower communities of Haiti through sustainable development by providing access to them to educational and artistic opportunities.

Arts Connection Foundation is supporting this exhibition by offering the spaces of The Chill Concept and by working on the production and logistics. Directed by Nina Fuentes and Maria Luisa Parada, this foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes bodies of work aimed at helping the public see the world from diverse angles, through supporting educational program, artists and researchers.

Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC) has supported the education of Fedno Lubin and the printings for this exhibition. This foundation has the mission to build a passionate community of future leaders, visionaries and dynamic thinkers who are empowered to better their lives and their world through the arts and education in Jakmel, Haiti.