Vijayaraghavan was born India and lives and works in Singapore/New Delhi. Vijay is a painter and video artist whose work explores the conceptual metaphorical between the self and the society.  He has earned a MFA degree with a major in painting from the College of Art in New Delhi. He had participated various shows and biennials across the country.


Project Title: In-between

In scvp In-between, I intend to relive the inquiry about self-body, dialogue of my temporal experiences with place and situation. The diptych video brings about my inner context of how  habits change in accordance with place and time. Food and water are the main elements in this video.

Project title: 

WAKE ME UP | ACORDA ME: I intend to unfold the sheets of imagery containing the menace of urbanization through the images of human body becoming the topography of urban sounds, automobiles, communication and so on. I filmed my own body in the way I used to sleep in my childhood with the help of stop motion technique. The sleep is a natural phenomenon that is essential to life systems; it is the very nature of sleep that is being transformed today with our unconscious being colonized by the motorization, mechanization and urbanization that has deformed even the habitual and mundane. I have attempted to externalize the schizophrenia of the contemporary everyday in this work. WAKE ME UP! It is our voice to regenerate, re-create the habitual in the urban scenario