She was all smiles when I met her, one more witness to the greatness of Lajitas. Before they were priced out of the RV park, snowbirds were staying for three- and four-month stretches to play $10-a-day golf, and they got to know all the resorts workers. William H. Emory also visited Lajitas in 1852. The Lajitas property continued to change hands and in 1949 was bought by Rex Ivey, Jr., who hand-dug a well and installed a generator for the areas first electric lights. Business is apparently booming at its new home, a course that has been perennially named among the top five or so in the state. Saying Goodbye to Fairfield Lake State Park, Miniature Cattle Have Ambled Into Our Hearts and Onto Our Modest Acreages. associates and friends who include former Dallas Cowboys Charlie Waters And Mischer wanted the place to be fun. To see more of The Dallas Morning News, or to subscribe to the On the one hand, hes wealthy and owns his own plane. Scott Beasley, whose company WSB Resorts and Clubs manages Lajitas among other businesses and properties, said he is committed to having the resort show a profit in 2017 - if not sooner. Beautiful views yes. Guests can cancel their reservations up to 72 hours prior to arrival for a full refund. Dallas' Robert E. Lee statue has a new home. The Big Bend is not the kind of place you want to drive through and look out your window at, Ivey continued. Opponents saw it as an attempt to rewrite history. Tel: 1-877-LAJITAS Other bidders dropped out early and headed for the elevators, including an eight-man team of blue-suited lawyers representing a hotelier, followed by a couple of South Texas hunting buddies with fat wallets in the back pockets of their Wranglers. "Black Jacks Crossing", designed by PGA Hall of Fame golfer, Lanny Wadkins. It is a nonprofit event to raise money for children's charities and local public service organizations. One part Texas frontier town, and one part golf resort, Lajitas is 100% pleasure. The biggest attractions that draw visitors to Lajitas, of course, are Big Bend Ranch State Park to the west and Big Bend National Park to the east. Pamplin sold the resort in 2006 to a group of investors led by Texas businessman Bob McNair. On the day of the wedding, after our adventure in. "I'd be surprised if there are more than 10 people here," Mr. A crossing into Mexico, closed years ago, once ferried tourists Tucked away in Texas' historic Big Bend between Big Bend National Park and Big Bend State Park lies Lajitas Resort, the perfect setting If you talk to the people who live in South County, youll quickly sense the difference between them and the kinds of people Smith meant to attract, and it is not one of money but philosophy. All rights reserved. [5] [24] He also owns an 8,000-acre ranch near Cherokee, Texas, [5] the 20,000-acre Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa in Lajitas, Texas, [25] and a private island near Roatn, Honduras. Pershing once pursued Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa. Lajitas, he hopes, may have another life yet. It became Steve Smiths problem when he bought the town of Lajitas at a public auction in February 2000. View 72 homes for sale in Lajitas, TX at a median listing home price of $89,000. Big Bend is home to a few remarkable communities: Marathon, Study Butte, Terlingua Ghost Town, Lajitas, and Big Bend National Park. Rumors from the summer started to resurface. The high bid at days end was $13.5 million, but the bidder, who wished to remain anonymous, hadnt offered enough money to pay all the creditors, and no deal was reached. [5] But he insisted that his intention was little substantive change. The latest auction of Lajitas was marked by considerably less drama than the last one. On the wooden boardwalk, guests checked in in the grand lobby of the elegant Badlands Hotel, which is decorated like a high-dollar Old West guest house. old-world bar, 92 luxury rooms and Mayor Clay Henry, a beer-drinking [15][16], In 2012, Warren donated $10 million to help build Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas. It is a wildly beautiful natural region, with a complex and fascinating history. A private buyer shipped it to a Lajitas golf course owned by oil and gas billionaire Kelcy Warren almost exactly two years since the Confederate General was pulled from its perch in what was then Lee Park. Some links in this post may be affiliate links. Instead, a San Antonio law firm opened one of its large conference rooms to groups representing six would-be buyers, the interested and the curious. It was mounted on a pediment in the middle of the golf courses putting green on Thursday, according to Scott Beasley, who manages the course for Dallas-based WSB Resorts and Clubs. in the spare beauty of borderlands. A stay at Lajitas Golf Resort is an opportunity to step 100 years back into the history of . On Friday morning, after eating breakfast and making sure the [12], Frank Q. Dobbs directed his first film, Enter the Devil, in Lajitas in 1972. Earlier this year, Mr. Smith's dream officially ended in [5][24] He also owns an 8,000-acre ranch near Cherokee, Texas,[5] the 20,000-acre Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa in Lajitas, Texas,[25] and a private island near Roatn, Honduras. bankrupt resort and give Lajitas another life. When I go down there now, all I see are a few workers, but theyre not allowed to talk to anybody. to come back with his 5-year-old son. The omicron variant has arrived in the U.S. as Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers is blocked by a federal judge. The auction itself was off-limits to the press, as lawyers for Lajitas worried that the presence of reporters would chill the bidding. Aug 2018 - Present4 years 8 months. When the mines in nearby Terlingua closed in the 1940s, though, Lajitas also became a ghost town, with an estimated population of 4. Its not the Grand Canyon, where you park your car, walk to the edge, take a picture, and then say, Okay, lets go to California now. Big Bend tourists want an active part in whats going on. He also funded the construction of a church and a school. In the summer of 2003, Smith opened a remodeled trading post complete with air-conditioning, indoor baos, and a wine-and-coffee bar. McGuirk also funded the construction of a school. Ive heard he spent between $80 million and $100 million, but I dont know, said one of the creditors attorneys, who asked not to be identified while the bankruptcy was pending. Bridlie Hospitality, to operate the resort. [3] After two replacements of the original Clay Henry, the trading post and stable where the actual mayor lived is now closed and they goat no longer resides there. [7] The construction of the park cost about $90 million. .he sounds as if hes remembering the greatest day of his life. [8], He lives in Preston Hollow, Dallas[5] on an 8+ acre estate on Park Lane valued at more than $30 million. Share. [7] Warren went to White Oak High School. The border then seemed about forty miles wide and mixed like the sounds in a Doug Sahm song, half-Mexican, half-white, with nobody too worried about which half was which. When I visited it in August and October, the trading post was dead. Boardwalk Bakery and Pizzeria. His state-of-the-art gray water filtration system created a wetlands area on the golf course that, along with a 64-acre sanctuary on the river, brought birds to the region not commonly found in the desert. They talked about reopening the border crossing, reaching out I formerly head the sports department at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. Young as he was, that was surprising, so when he returned, I asked him how somebody with such a hard time getting around wound up in a job as physically demanding as carpentry. Ms. Ryan told Mr. Warren she remembers years ago when the bar It was live-music night at La Kiva, the best of it played by a young female fiddle player from the Northeast whod put off grad school to take a job at Lajitas. [23], In 2010, he bought the 3,500-acre BootJack Ranch near Pagosa Springs, Colorado, for $46.5 million. information click here The community was said to be "about the only place where you can shoot 360 degrees", since Santa Fe and Sedona were already used up. If you take a plane, you just show up. the Rio Grande. If you click through a link on Lone Star Travel Guide, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. And at that point, reconciling the deserts harshness and beauty is your problem. There was a reason Big Bend hadnt already been overrun by the wealthy: the Chihuahuan Desert. Though a biblical rainstorm and lightning display in the night knocked out the resorts electricity for twelve hoursa common desert occurrence that, among other things, might incapacitate an alarm clock and cause one to miss an early tee timehe was still able to get on the course because no one else was playing that day. At 1:48 p.m., the wire transfer went through for the property. Always found it to be poorly maintained, with poor food service. Megan's Dog Adventures. Faces age faster in the desert, the skin browning and creasing and toughening up in ways that city and suburban dwellers dont have to worry about. But if you just paid $7,000 to fly your jet out there, $900 a night for a condo on the boardwalk, and $165 for greens fees, you expect a little more. Grass that was seeded on the golf course couldnt survive on the brackish well water. He housed and subsidized an infirmary that provided affordable, reliable health care. But with a little bit of practice and guidance anyone [], As of June 2018 Woods daughter Sam is 10 years old and has not expressed public interest in playing golf. ), 5 Cool Towns Near Big Bend National Park (+ Where to Stay! since 2003 and hopes to remove the exclusivity from the resort. He started his career working for the Lone Star Gas Company. Ivey can speak to that loss with singular authority. Six beautiful tennis courts were built, then ripped up. with a $4.2 million bid. For those traditionally drawn to the place, whether they were rich or poor, comfort wasnt the major consideration. He received a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1978.[8][3][6]. She said the exclusivity of the resort was like So when you meet someone who lives in Terlingua or Study Butte or Lajitasthat area known in local shorthand as South Countyyou might not be able to tell if hes thirty or sixty. If youre on a mountain out there and a cold front comes in, you could freeze and die, he said. Nothing unusual about that or about the fact that a couple of the men were somewhat flirty with the waitress, an attractive young woman whod been living in the area for about a year. Restaurant Manager; Facilities. Unable to find her, Mr. Warren wandered about with a look of She also had no way of knowing about the rest of the nights events. He married Amy Hudson on June 3, 2010, in Dallas. Communities offer services, amenities, and entertainment. When Steve Smith bought the remote Big Bend town of Lajitas in 2000, he dreamed of building a lush, five-star retreat that would attract the likes of Tiger Woods and Tom Cruise . No spam, ever. About us. The accommodations themselves truly run the gamut, making use of the original town of Lajitas wherever possible. The old church in the community was restored, and the community grew to have three motels, a hotel, a restaurant, a golf course, a swimming pool, an RV park, and an airstrip. They were then removed from the area by the Apache and Comanche tribes in the 18th and 19th centuries. The runway airport has full 100LL and Jet A fuel, complimentary tiedowns down services and offers transportation to the resort. The trading post was that communitys heart, the hub for little villages on both sides of the river. Copyright 20042023 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. Some other rich guy desiring a private playground. In 1977 Ivey sold part of the Lajitas area to Houston entrepreneur Walter M. Mischer, of Mischer Corporation; Mischer had begun development and restoration of the community in 1977, under the name of the corporations subsidiary, Arrow Development Company. Whether you want to go horseback riding, golfing, hiking, or rafting on the Rio Grande, Lajitas Resort can put something together for you. And the recollection of that night is one of the reasons there will be no pour-out on the porch for the death of Smiths vision. [2][3][4][6] He has been the co-chairman and co-CEO of Energy Transfer Partners since 2007.

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