We are now getting ready to celebrate the third week of the Miami New Media Festival. From next thursday October 22nd until October 29th, at The Chill Concept will be screened video art from all over the world.
Almost 2 hours of video art, animations, video performances and video installations will be -during the next two weeks-in the exhibition rooms of The Chill Concept , in a group show that gathers 27 artists selected by our curators committee.
Creators from Australia, Thailand, Poland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Israel, USA among other countries, will show their proposals joined by two featured artists:  Milcho and Hamlet Lavastide.
Explorations about  the Body, movement, poetry, silent, colors, sexuality, loneliness, thoughts, lights, music and shadows,  artworks created using mixed media and technology as a support will be on the screens of The Chill Concept.
Visitors of The Chill Concept on this third week of the Miami New Media Festival will get the unique chance to watch a panoramic view of what artists from such diverse backgrounds and interest are working and creating.

If you want to check the complete list of 27 selected artists and the calendar of the MNMF 2015 , click here:


WHAT: Third week of Miami New Media Festival 2015

WHO: 27 selected artists

WHEN: Oct 22nd from 8:00PM – 10:00PM

WHERE: The Chill Concept. 114. NE 20th Terrace. Miami, FL 33137